Brighton Shore Fights Recap | July 20, 2011

Will Rosinsky was victorious in the main event.
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Will Rosinsky (14-0, 8KO) vs. Jose Ramirez (11-12, 6 KO)
A whole lot of action went down over a very short time span once the bell rang for the main event of the evening. First, the undefeated Rosinsky was dropped by a surprising right hook from Ramirez in the first round, but he quickly popped back up to continue the fight. Rosinsky immediately regained his composure and began to pound Ramirez on the ropes, peppering him with punches until the journeyman fell to the canvas. Ramirez made an attempt to continue, but the bout was waived off when he began to stumble after getting back to his feet.

Once the fight concluded, Rosinsky again returned to the floor, only this time it was on a knee to propose to his long-time girlfriend. She quickly accepted, capping off a memorable night for the undefeated light heavyweight.


Boyd Melson (5-0, 3KO) vs. Zacharie Schumack (2-3, 1KO)
Melson would need less than two rounds to score the third knockout victory of his professional career, and that second frame would go down in dominating fashion. After touching Schumack early in that round, Melson dropped his opposition with a right hook at the midway mark. Once Schumack got to his feet, Melson forced him to the canvas with another right hook, but the Minnesota native again rose from being down. However, Melson immediately peppered Schumack with a flurry until the referee was forced to step in and give him the TKO win.

Cletus Seldin (2-0, 1KO) vs. Hector Rivera (2-9-1, 1KO)
Seldin controlled the pace of this fight throughout, but Rivera proved to have a tough chin to survive the four rounds of action. Seldin scored his first knockdown of the bout in the first frame, but the referee in charge nullified it after stating that he hit his opponent while he was down. He did get an official knockdown in the fourth round when he forced his opposition to a knee early, and Rivera looked completely spent the rest of the way. The fight should likely have been stopped before the final bell, but Rivera was allowed to go the distance before Seldin took straight 40-35s from the ringside judges.

Ian James (1-1, 1KO) vs. John Passantino (0-4)
Both fighters were looking for their first career professional win in this bout, and James emerged as the early favorite to accomplish that once the fight got underway. He nearly got Passantino out of there in the second round after hurting him badly with a flurry midway through the frame, but this one would see the third round. That would be the last of the action, however, as James exploded early in the third round and dropped Passantino with a sharp right uppercut. No attempt was made by Passantino to return to his feet, and he was counted out to give James the knockout win.

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