Wednesday Night Rumble 2 Complete Results

Thomas LaManna and Michael Torres left Newark as champions.
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Complete recap of Wednesday Night Rumble 2, which was presented by Vincent Ponte’s Gulfstream Boxing. This card was hosted at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey, on September 14, 2011.

Jon Bolden (2-2, 2) vs. Eric Newell (2-1, 1)
In the opening bout of the night, a couple of heavyweights went to work, but the duo spent more time sizing each other up than exchanging. With not much action to draw their conclusions, the judges had their work cut out for them, and their views were conflicted. One of the decision makers saw it 39-37 in favor of Bolden, but the other two scored it 40-36 for Newell, who took the split decision win.

John Thompson (2-0, 1) vs. Lee Snow (0-2)
The second fight of the evening pitted these two super middleweights against one another, and the bout would go the distance. Thompson wobbled his opposition quickly in the first round with a series of hard left-handed blows, and he followed up that attack with some crisp straight punches. Snow proved to be a tough competitor, withstanding the aggression during that early frame and eventually countering with his own offense in the latter frames. However, Thompson did a nice job of rolling off his jabs over the final three rounds, and he appeared to get the better of their exchanges. When the final bell rang, the judges were again needed, and they scored it 40-36 with a pair of 39-37s in favor of Thompson.

Tyabb Beale (5-3, 1) vs. Taffo Asongwed (2-9-7)
This pairing was another heavyweight affair, with the taller Beale looking to take advantage of his range and keep Asongwed at bay. Both fighters showed their toughness throughout a bout that displayed some powerful exchanges, with neither boxer leaving his feet at any point. Beale did seem to do enough to out-point the shorter Asongwed, and the judges proved that when their scores were reveled after four frames. The Newark native picked up his fifth win after the ringside officials turned in counts of 40-36 (2) and 39-37 for the hometown competitor.

John Lennox (6-1, 3) vs. Joey Dawejko (5-0, 2)
In a bout that pitted a couple of unbeaten heavyweights, a very unfortunate ending would occur. Dawejko fired off a nice left hand early that sent Lennox back a bit, but the Carteret native appeared to be able to recover as he regrouped on the ropes. However, the official in charge stepped in and waved off the fight in what seemed to be an extremely premature stoppage. Ringside physicians stepped into the ring, but a shocked Lennox refused to even sit on the stool and appeared to be perfectly fine. However, the result would officially be logged as a TKO loss at two minutes of the opening frame.

Vinny O’Brien (3-1, 2) vs. Carlos Velez (0-1)
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Thomas LaManna (5-0, 3) vs. Josh Williams (4-2, 3)
A couple of young junior middleweights got it on in this contest, which was for the BAM Youth Championship. LaManna, affectionately known as Cornflake, showed quick hands and good combination work throughout the pairing, but Williams did land some nice strikes as he tried to chase down his more elusive opponent. The final three frames of this entertaining bout each started with a furious exchange at the opening bell, and fitness became a factor in the fourth round. The hands of Williams began to drift somewhat, and LaManna began to opt for bombs rather than loading up on combinations. Both stood in and exchanged when the situation called for it, and a flurry greeted the final bell, which was to be expected after the battle in which these two engaged. The judges were again needed to decide the victor, and LaManna secured the title after scoring a pair of flush 40-36s and a 39-37 tally.

Carlos Vinan (10-9-5, 2) vs. Wanzell Ellison (4-0-1, 3)
Highly touted lightweight prospect Ellison accepted a tall task in this meeting, facing a scrappy 23-contest veteran in his first-ever six round bout, despite only having four professional fights to his credit. Ellison was a lightning fast and extremely slick boxer throughout the action, although he faced a very game opponent in Vinan. Mixed in with a little bit of showboating, Ellison displayed high energy and speed, using his tactical advantage to stay on the move and establish range. Neither fighter was afraid to mix it up when the opportunity presented itself, and a higher rate of banging emerged over the second half of the contest. While Vinan seemed to garner a slight edge in the fourth and fifth stanza, Ellison looked to have done plenty to take the other four rounds of this pairing. However, a questionable decision was given by the ringside judges after the six frames were in the books, as Ellison was forced to take a draw when they revealed scores of 58-56, 56-58 and 57-57, with the latter two officials likely being the only two people in the room who saw it going any other way than in favor of the unbeaten Newark resident.

Michael Torres (14-2, 7) vs. Mark Alexander (10-6, 1)
In what turned out to be an entertaining main event, which was for the New Jersey State Junior Welterweight Championship, these two fighters mixed it up for eight rounds. Torres looked to stay on the move by working off his jab, picking his spots and attacking when the window opened. To the credit of Alexander, he was willing to engage throughout the fight, and he regularly looked to match the energy of his opposition. The volume of action was definitely turned up in the latter frames, particularly the sixth round, and at no point did either competitor purposely slow the confrontation. Fitness did come into play in the final frame, but both fighters still threw as many blows as they could get off. After the full eight stanzas were logged, the ringside officials would be needed for the last time of the evening. In the end, it was Torres who claimed the crown after tallying a pair of 79-73s to go with a single count of 78-74.

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