Resolution Sports Launches Google+ Page

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In an effort to stay ahead of the social media curve, Resolution Sports officially announced on Tuesday that it has created a Google+ business page. Google+ launched its new social media platform earlier this year, with the availability of business pages becoming the most recent development of its new project.

“Google is synonymous with internet evolution, so it goes without saying that we will be supporting any new developments the company sets in motion,” Resolution Sports President John Archibald remarked. “We look forward to continuing our own company progression by taking advantage of this new platform, and we hope to interact with all the sports fans out there who create Google+ profiles as well.”

Google+ originally launched in June of 2011 in an invite-only trial phase, announcing that over 10 million users had joined in its first two weeks of service, and it became a public forum this past September. A couple of the features of Google+ include “circles” of friends and followers, as well as “hangouts” where groups can join in video chats. It also enables link, photo and video sharing similar to how Facebook offers, while some of its features integrate options more specific to how Twitter operates.

To follow Resolution Sports on Google+, click here.

Resolution Sports was founded in 2008 by Archibald after the concept of establishing a communication-based sports company came into his head on a train ride home from working one evening in Newark, New Jersey. The foundation of the company was created that very night, and Resolution Sports LLC was fully licensed and operational within a matter of three weeks. Within its first year, Resolution Sports developed a national presence that originated in the Northeast but stretched as far west as California all the way to the southern tip of Florida. The company offers a variety of communications and social media work for its arsenal of partners, in addition to now having a second wing of the company that covers a variety of sports from a journalistic perspective.

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