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Omar Shieka won the BAM Cruiserweight Title in the main event.

Nedal’s Promotions returned to The Hamilton Manor in Hamilton, New Jersey, on Saturday, January 21st, with eight total bouts on its fight card. Following is a recap of the action.

Marcus Smith (2-5, 2) vs. Lynwood Hurd (3-2-4, 1)
The first fight of the evening got started with a bang, as both lightweights immediately began with a big flurry after the opening bell. Just past the midway point of the first frame, Hurd rocked Smith with a huge left hook and began to unload on his opposition. As he continued his onslaught, Smith was completely out on his feet, and the referee in charge had to step in and stop it at the 1:57 mark.

David Roman vs. Gregory Bankston (0-1)
This bout ended even more quickly than the first of the night, with Roman dropping Bankston just seconds into the first round. The Ohio native was able to return to his feet, but it would not be for long. With Bankston backpedaling a bit, Roman absolutely destroyed him with an overhand right that completely knocked him out cold. The time of the vicious stoppage was 1:24.

Alando Swain (4-1, 1) vs. Russ Niggemyer (2-5, 2)
Niggemyer ran out of gas early in this encounter, and it made the action move very slowly over its final four frames. He was the taller of the two fighters, but he was not really able to use that range to his advantage with the exception of a burst in the second round. Niggemyer was able to catch Swain off balance in that opening minute, and he landed a straight right that resulted in the lone knockdown of the bout. With his energy gassed in the ensuing frames, Niggemyer spent most of his time leaning on Swain, who did all he could to make it a fight. In the end, Swain emerged victorious via majority decision when he took counts of 57-56 (twice) and 57-55.

Juan Rodriguez (8-0, 3) vs. Carlos Ramos (3-4, 2)
The undefeated Rodriguez looked good at the onset on this fight, doing a nice job of holding the center of the ring and picking his spots to unleash some combo work. He was seemingly in complete control until the fourth round when Ramos started landing his best shots of the affair. He grabbed hold of the momentum by the start of the fifth frame, doing his best damage while Rodriguez proved his grit in withstanding the attack. Ramos easily won the final two rounds, but all three judges thought Rodriguez took the first four to win via unanimous decision (58-56 on all three cards).

Jose Calderon (2-0, 2) vs. Yehudy Vargas (1-4)
The young Calderon was a compact fighter who kept his guard high, and his favorite punch was definitely the overhand right. Amid an exchange in the second frame, he popped his opposition with a left hook that knocked him down by the ropes. Vargas hesitated at first to return to his feet, and, when he finally tried, he was unable to beat the 10-count. The official time of the knockout was at 1:41.

William Santiago (6-7-1, 2) vs. Ramadon Yasser (7-0, 5)
This bout pitted a couple of big cruiserweights against one another, with both fighters tossing some heavy-handed punches and showing the ability to absorb them as well. At no point was either fighter in particularly much danger, and it definitely made it a pretty difficult task for the three judges when they were needed to decide the victor. In the end, it was Yasser who improved to 8-0 after securing two tallies of 58-56 to go with an even 57-57 count.

Derrick Webster (12-0, 7) vs. Brian Bernard (10-11-2, 6)
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Omar Sheika (31-11, 21) vs. Charles Hayward (7-4, 3)
The final bout of the night was for the BAM Cruiserweight Title, with crafty veteran Sheika meeting 10-fight holder Hayward. Despite the 31-bout difference in their professional careers, the action was pretty evenly matched. Fought mostly from close range, both boxers showed resilience and toughness, also displaying their fitness over the 10 rounds of action. Sheika looked to slow down his opponent with some speedy body work, while Hayward targeted the left eye of his opposition. While neither fighter found himself in significant danger before the sound of the final bell, it was an entertaining main event. When the judges revealed their final decision, Sheika emerged as the BAM Champion when he came out on the better end of 97-93, 96-94 and 95-95 counts.

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