Resorts Undercard Results | April 27, 2012

Anthony "Juice" Young was victorious in a spectacular four-round fight with Jose Calderon.

Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was the host to a packed night of a boxing on a card co-promoted by Nedal’s Promotions and KEA Boxing. Eight total bouts were on tap, and following is a recap of the action.

MAIN EVENT: Yusaf Mack (30-4, 17 KOs) defeated Omar Sheika (32-12, 21KOs) | RECAP

CO-MAIN EVENT: Derrick Webster (13-0, 7 KOs) defeated Sabou Ballgou (8-5, 3 KOs) | RECAP

Anthony Young (4-0, 2) vs. Jose Calderon (4-2, 4)
In a match-up of two skillful junior welterweights, fight fans were given an outstanding bout. Young entered the opening round moving very well, popping in and out of confrontation with punches in bunches. However, the hard hitting Calderon found an opportunity late in the frame and dropped an off balance Young with a right hand. He seemed a bit hurt when he initially returned to his feet but quickly recovered. Over the next two rounds, the pace never let up, with Young looking to box and Calderon using pressure in an attempt to gain the upper hand. However, Young avenged that earlier knockdown when he loaded up on a combo and sent Calderon across the ring on a sharp right hand. In the final frame, neither fighter let up at all on the attack and fought like they were in a phone booth. Needless to say, the action concluded with a huge exchange. When the four rounds were eventually in the books, the ringside judges would be needed, and Young emerged victorious with three counts of 38-36 in his favor. Both competitors showed great mutual respect after the bout, acknowledging the great work they gave each other.

Juan Rodriguez (9-0, 4) vs. Daniel Crabtree (3-5, 3)
Just the second stoppage of the night came in this encounter, and it was a brutal one. After setting the table in the first round with superior boxing skills, Rodriguez lit up Crabtree with a massive left uppercut amid a heated exchange, and he was out upon impact. Before Crabtree even hit the floor, the referee in charge waved off the bout. The official of the knockout was 1:59 of the second frame.

Thomas Lamanna (8-0, 5) vs. Sean Wilson (5-10, 1)
After both of these fighters saw their previous bouts on this card get scrapped, promoters decided to match this duo up on late notice. The mission still remained the same for Lamanna, who simply outboxed his opposition throughout the six rounds of action. Using his jab and deceptive head movement, he made himself a hard target for Wilson, who had trouble getting inside the range of his opposition. When no victor had been declared through the course of the fight, the ringside judges officially increased Lammanna’s record to 8-0 with flush tallies of 60-54 in his favor.

Alando Swain (5-2, 1) vs. Wilkins Santiago (5-0, 1)
After not much happened over the course of the first three rounds, the tide completely turned in the fourth frame. This is when Swain made a more aggressive attempt of chasing down an elusive Santiago, turning up his overall tempo in the process. However, that upbeat pace ended up costing him after he threw off an uppercut and got caught with a right hand that nearly dropped him. Santiago then followed up that blow with an attack and peppered him with punches until finally earning the knockdown on a straight right hand. The next two rounds also displayed better confrontation, and the bout finished on a strong note. Again, the judges scoring at ringside would be called upon after this contest, and Santiago remained unbeaten with counts of 58-55 (twice) and 57-56.

David Roman (3-0, 1) vs. Dominique Foster (0-1-1)
Both fighters came out trying to utilize quick hands in this junior middleweight pairing, with Roman being more aggressive and Foster attempting to be a counter puncher. In the third round, Roman began to grab the momentum when he started landing some power shots, but Foster continued to press forward despite that fact. By the time of the fourth frame, Foster had run out of gas, however, and he was in survival mode. Roman increased his pace and did all he could to get Foster out of there with a late flurry, but he simply ran out of time. Regardless, he still got the win via unanimous decision, registering tallies of 40-36 (twice) and 39-37.

Livian Castillo (16-12, 10) vs. Stivens Bujaj (8-0, 6)
In the first bout of the night, veteran Castillo was active early, but crowd favorite Bujaj was displaying a good defensive counter to his attack. In the second round, Bujaj began to find his straight right hand and then began to set it up with his lead left jab. By the time the third frame rolled around, Castillo was becoming lazy with his guard, and his opponent was landing with ease. To his credit, Castillo continued to engage, but Bujaj eventually got him out of there in the fifth round. Landing what seemed to be every punch he threw, he turned up the tempo and hurled punches with rapid fire. After Castillo was no longer suitably protecting himself, the referee in charge was forced to stop it just as his corner threw in the towel. The official time of the stoppage was at the 1:53 mark.

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