Harrahs Casino Fight Results | May 4, 2012

Smith claimed the Pennsylvania State Light Heavyweight Title in the main event.

Harrah’s Casino in Chester, Pennsylvania, was the host venue of a night of boxing co-produced by Joey Eye Promotions and David Feldman, with six total bouts on the card. Following is a recap of the action.


Toney Ferrante (12-4, 7) vs. Dhafir Smith (26-22-7, 4)
In the feature bout of the night, Ferrante and Smith got busy for the Pennsylvania State Light Heavyweight Championship in a 10-round affair, and it would go the distance. Both competitors approached the fight cautiously over the first couple of rounds, looking to establish the jab without making himself vulnerable to damage from the other. Ferrante mounted his first significant attack in the third frame when he worked Smith into the corner and began to pepper off some combinations. He tried to keep his opponent in that same position, but the ref eventually split them up and Smith walked away without any damage. The momentum began to completely swing in the favor of Smith in the fourth round, where he started to pick up the tempo and successfully roll off his jab, causing blood to begin dripping from the nose of Ferrante. He then started targeting the nose, looking to force his opposition to breathe through his mouth. In the second half of the fight, the action slowed down as Ferrante attempted to keep everything tight and mostly within the near grasp of the clinch. It prevented Smith from being able to inflict a lot of damage, but it also resulted in him not producing much offense either. The ninth round saw the best combo come off the hands of Smith, who hit his opponent with a left-right that spun Ferrante on the impact of the second punch. The Philadelphia native did recover, but Smith clearly had a significant lead on the cards at this point. Eventually, all 10 rounds were in the books, and Smith would emerge victorious via unanimous decision, claiming scores of 99-91, 97-93 and 98-92 from the judges.

Victor Vasquez (15-6-1, 7) vs. Paul Fernandez (5-5-2, 3)
This pairing of Philadelphia fighters was a rematch of a 2010 bout that resulted in a draw. From the onset of this one, however, it was clear that Vasquez was not going to let the outcome be the same. He scored his first knockdown in the opening round, catching his opposition with a sharp left hand that landed squarely late in the frame. While he was not hurt, Fernandez found himself facing an early deficit. During the course of action, Vasquez looked to control from the center of the ring, but Fernandez stood in there the whole way and attempted to apply pressure. The only problem was Vasquez made him pay most of the time when he came forward. He continued to do more than enough to claim the points in each round, and he eventually sealed off the victory in the fifth frame. Late in that round, Fernandez threw a right hand and left himself open to a counter right cross from Vasquez that dropped him for a second time. While he popped back up and proved he was not going down without a fight in the final frame, Fernandez just had too much trouble getting to Vasquez, who won on the cards with flush 60-52s.

Taneal Goyco (4-3-1, 2) vs. Brian Bonahue (2-2-1)
Goyco came into this bout owning a deceptive 4-3 record, with two of those losses coming from undefeated fighters Derrick Webster and Angel Concepcion, but he just did not seem to be the same boxer on Friday. He attempted to get his jab going early, but he quickly abandoned that punch and began to swing wildly towards his opposition when he was unable to find much success with the jab. Bonahue showed his toughness throughout the fight when he got caught with some of those haymakers from Goyco, often pointing to his chin and asking for more, and he had his best offense when he was able to work Goyco to the corner. However, both competitors appeared to start running out of gas fairly early and resorted to swinging for the fences when they found openings. Once the four rounds had concluded, an anticlimactic majority decision was the result, with a pair of 38-38s being revealed alongside a 37-37 tally in favor of Bonahue.

John Mercurio (5-0, 4) vs. William Miranda (5-5-1)
Mercurio was greeted with a nice group of supporters when he headed out to the ring, and he rewarded them with complete control from the opening bell by using both of his hands to keep his opposition at bay. In the second round, he started doubling up the jab and found some good combo work, looking to start chopping down his opponent. By the third frame, Miranda was eating a ton of right hands but still continued to come forward. However, Mercurio was making himself difficult to hit by showing some solid defense, and he eventually got Miranda out of there in the fourth round. In the opening minute of that frame, he ripped off a hard right hand that buckled Miranda and cause him to drop his hands. He then followed up with a wide open right hook that sent his opposition into the ropes and to the canvas. Miranda was able to get back to his feet but clearly was not in a position to continue. Seeing this, the referee in charge waved off the fight at the 59-second mark of the fourth frame.


  • Alex Barbosa (3-0, 1) defeated Jonathan Ocassio (0-9) via unanimous decision
  • Tyrone Crawley, Jr. (2-0) defeated Luis Antonio Lopez (2-11-1, 1) via unanimous decision


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