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Goalkeeper Chantel Jones

Former University of Virginia goalkeeper Chantel Jones has been busy since finishing up her college degree, and she has already been spending time in multiple international locations to kick start her professional career. She first joined Sky Blue FC of Women's Professional Soccer for a 10-day tour of Japan this past March, and she now plays for Icelandic club Thor. Chantel, who also represents our partner GK1 Sports, is kind enough to give Resolution Sports an exclusive inside look while she plays in Iceland, and following is the third installment of her adventures there.

Iceland Adventures: Top of the Table

Not much has happened off of the field since my last post. I can definitely say that I have watched more movies in these past few weeks than I have ever watched in my life. After watching four seasons of True Blood, my roommate and I have already knocked out the first two seasons of Game of Thrones and are descending on even more episodes of series to come. One huge accomplishment that I have achieved since my last post was learning how to drive a stick shift car!! I learned how to drive on an automatic car and have never learned how to drive manual until last week! My roommate Joe has a manual car here and he has been driving that way his whole life, so I started learning in the parking lot. I am happy to say that I can now drive around town with only a few minor stalls here and there.

On the soccer side, we have not been late to any more practices since our early morning wake up call, and we have also played two games since then. Our first of the two games was away in Reykjavik against a team called KR. We controlled most of the game, survived a missed penalty kick by KR, and managed to score a goal towards the end of the second half. With that win we became 2-0 in the league and are currently in first place! This was huge for the club because everyone in the league did not think we would do this well, considering the two teams we had played so far.

Our second game, which we played yesterday, was against another team from Reykjavik called Valur. They are a consistently good team and always do well every year. The best part about this game was that it was our first home game outside on our stadium field. Our first home game was played indoors due to the blizzard. The only down side to playing yesterday was that it was super windy, making it a nightmare for our defense and me. We went down a goal early in the game when I got caught coming out for a ball that was stopped by the wind, allowing the player to touch it around me and score. The game stayed even for most of the half even with some great chances that we created on goal. The second half was even as well, but we equalized in the last 20 minutes and almost won the game with a few close chances on goal. It was a solid result for us considering the team we played and the conditions we played with. I was pretty disappointed with myself because I should have known better with the wind and having played in those conditions, I should know what to expect. However, that game is over and now it is time to focus on our next game on Monday against another good team. I am definitely learning how to deal with different environments, and playing for Thor is affording me experiences that I can use in the future to be an even better goalkeeper. I am so thankful for this opportunity to play the game I love and continue to get better each day!!

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