UFC on FX 4 | Undercard Results

The UFC on FX 4 was the first sporting event at Revel Resorts and Casino.

The UFC returned to Atlantic City for the first time in over seven years on Friday, hosting the UFC on FX 4 at the newly opened Revel Resorts and Casino. Following is a recap of the undercard action, which was shown on FUEL TV for the majority of the fights after opening on Facebook.


Hatsu Hioki (26-5-2) vs. Ricardo Lamas (12-2)
Hioki was actually offered a title shot against UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo before accepting this fight, but he turned down the challenge because he did not feel like he was ready. Unfortunately, Lamas likely confirmed those thoughts for him on Friday night. Hioki possessed a significant height advantage in this pairing, but the aggressive nature of Lamas allowed him to get inside that range. The Japanese mixed martial artist appeared much more confident on the ground where he could work his submission game, and he did well when he was able to get the action down there. He did face a couple of dangerous positions on the canvas when Lamas was able to secure multiple guillotine choke attempts, but Hioki maneuvered himself where he was able to pop his head out on each occasion. Lamas definitely seemed to own an advantage in the striking game to add to a pretty level ground exchange over the three frames, which was good enough for him to emerge victorious with straight 29-28s from the cageside judges after the fight went the distance.

Lamas: “I thought I won two to three rounds for sure. I know he got a takedown here and there but I was close to finishing him a bunch of times. He’s very tough, that arm-in choke I had was in deep and he refused to tap. I had to let up a little because I was burning up my arm. But I knew I’d beaten him. He was offered a title shot and turned it down, but you can’t do that in the UFC. Now I’m up there instead and when I am asked to fight for the title, I will accept immediately.”

Ramsey Nijem (7-2) vs. CJ Keith (8-1)
These two fighters came out engaging right from the opening bell before a ground grapple ensued where Nijem eventually gained control and acquired the full mount. He then began to fire off some vicious ground and pound as Keith did all he could roll from the disadvantageous position. Nijem then moved up his mount and pinned Keith’s arms underneath him, continuing his ground and pound until referee Yves Lavigne stepped in and ended the fight at the 2:29 mark.

Rick Story (14-5) vs. Brock Jardine (9-2)
In the opening round of this bout, there was a bit of a feeling out from the stand-up until Story sprawled a Jardine takedown attempt, and a ground grapple then occurred. Story next took the back of his opposition, but Jardine eventually stood back up and an exchange on the feet closed out the frame. Story did well to get the points in the second round, twice dipping under a missed cross from his opponent and scoring immediate takedowns. Both fighters came out aggressively in the final frame, and more strikes were being landed by both sides. Another shoot attempt from Jardine was once again blocked after that standing battle, but Story was unable to truly capitalize on the canvas due to competing against a good ground defense. Jardine almost turned the table late when he went for the heel hook just before the horn sounded, but he simply did not have enough time. After the 15-minute scrap concluded, Story claimed the victory with flush 30-27s.

Story: “I’m happy to get the win. After two losses, my reputation as an up-and-coming guy was on the line for sure. I felt okay in there, but after so long off and knee surgery, I didn’t quite trust myself to go 100%. I had to put my foot on the gas in the last round. I felt I could have stopped him in the third, but in camp my knee would swell up when I did hard cardio and I wasn’t quite ready for that. I think the three rounds helped that, and next time I’m looking for a really impressive win.”

Steven Siler (21-9) vs. Joey Gambino (9-1)
The action in this one quickly moved to the side of the Octagon, where Gambino ate a big knee that immediately opened up his forehead. Siler then quickly took advantage of the short-term shock that hit Gambino and muscled him to the canvas to work a submission game. Gambino actually used his blood to his advantage in being able to first slide out of the mount by pressuring upwards, but Siler then flattened him out on his back and rolled into a guillotine choke. Unable to maneuver out of the hold, Siler was forced to tap at 2:47, giving the submission victory to Siler.

Siler: “I love finishing fights! I was a little worried about there being too much blood for the choke to work, but I will take risks to win inside the distance. I went for it and got it. I couldn't be happier. I'm in no rush to get into the title picture, I'm 25 and time is on my side.”

Nick Catone (9-3) vs. Chris Camozzi (17-5)
The support was deep for local favorite Catone, and he came out feeding off that energy. With every strike that Catone landed, the New Jersey crowd went nuts, and he eventually took the opening round by countering a Camozzi takedown attempt and firing off some ground and pound to the horn. Catone again looked good in the second frame, which was fought mainly from the clinch for the first four minutes of the round. He shot late in the frame only to be greeted by a Camozzi sprawl, but he then quickly reversed the block to finish out the round in top position and throwing strikes. Camozzi then turned the tide in the final frame, landing some hard right hands and some damaging knees early that left blood pouring from the head of Catone. He continued to come forward despite that huge disadvantage, but referee Dan Miragliotta eventually called a halt to the action to have the doctors give him a look. Once they saw up-close how big the cut was on Catone, the doctors were forced to stop the fight, giving Camozzi a TKO win at the 1:51 mark.

Camozzi: “I was having a tough night but it was back and forth. I knew I needed a big third round, and I found the knee.”

Catone: “I’m bummed out. I felt I won the first two rounds, but he hit that knee and the sweat and blood was going into my eye. I thought the referee may stop it, but I wanted to continue. I’m a little bummed out losing like that, but my bad for getting a knee to the eye.”

Matt Brown (17-11) vs. Luis Ramos (19-8)
The opening round of this bout was fairly even, starting with a striking exchange before Ramos scored a takedown. The duo then quickly returned to their feet where a clinch battle ensued. In the second frame, both were looking to establish striking supremacy. Ramos landed a nice right kick that he followed up with a straight left-right hand combo, but Brown was able to pull him close to do some work from the clinch. Brown then delivered a series of hard knees that hurt Ramos, and he then buckled his legs with a flush right hook. He then followed up with uppercuts and knees until a referee stoppage finally ended the abuse at 4:20.

Brown: “I’ve won three in a row now, three all in 2012, and am happy things are going well for me. I won’t make excuses for when things were not going well, but all my hard work is now paying off. I am getting married in a month, I’m very settled and happy in my personal life, and I think that’s helping me out in my professional life. I knew I had Ramos hurt at the end, I thought I hurt him a bunch of times, but he was tough, so I just kept throwing til he was stopped.”

Dan Miller (14-6) defeated Ricardo Funch (8-4): Guillotine, 3:12 R3
Ken Stone (11-3) defeated Franciso Rivera (8-3): Split Decision

Miller: “This was a very important fight for me. I knew I had to win this to stay in the UFC, and everyone knows the situation with my kid being so sick. I tried not to think about the pressure I was under and just see this as a fight, but it was really, really hard to do that. I’m so happy I got this done. Making welterweight was very hard, but I did it and I felt great in there. My boy is having a transplant soon, and I think things are turning around for us. Being away from him and my family is so hard, but I’m staying in the UFC and I can continue to support them.”

Stone: “I’m happy with win, but I can do better than that. Three weeks ago, I kicked someone in the knee and messed my foot up but no way was I pulling out. I landed a kick in the second or third minute tonight, and that same foot hurt again. So I went to my boxing and my jab and worked from there. I couldn’t get the takedowns I wanted, but I got the win and I will get better from here.”

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