Planet90 Soccer Launches Official Logo

Logo Designed by Percussion Graphics LLC

Bloomfield, N.J. (Thursday, June 11, 2009) – One week after their formal launch, Planet90 Soccer unveiled their official logo today. Designed by Percussion Graphics LLC, the announcement of their logo amplifies the already high level of excitement that has been surrounding Planet90 Soccer since their recent inception.

“I am very excited that the logo is out, and I feel the Planet90 Soccer logo has put a stamp on the company,” President Oral Bullen commented. “Whenever you see someone opening a restaurant, they build the restaurant the way they want it to look. When Joe Owner finally puts the company sign out front that says Joe's Restaurant, people will know Joe's Restaurant is now open for business. That example is the feeling I now have with my logo on display for everyone to see.”

When seeking out a company to bring his idea for a logo to fruition, Bullen had to look no further than Percussion Graphics to make his vision a reality.

“I spoke with Omar Moses at Percussion Graphics and asked him for a logo that will represent the name Planet90 Soccer,” Bullen reflected. “I wanted the logo to feature one of the planets, and I used Saturn as an example. It was just an idea, not a 100 percent choice.”

While it may have seemed a bit broad in scale, the information Bullen provided was enough for Moses to conceptualize what would eventually become the official logo for Planet90 Soccer.

“When I created the logo for Planet90, I started with my traditional method which means I drew a lot of sketches of the logo and first starting with a few that are exactly what Oral asked for,” Moses remarked. “I also made a few versions that put a twist on the idea he wanted to get across through his logo. To offer him a little variety, I then made a couple more that took a totally different approach to communicating his idea.”

Such a method is one that Moses offers each of his clients, and he further discussed how those steps helped him to arrive at the finished product for Planet90 Soccer.

“The point was not only to pick the strongest logos to present, but also to show how different visual approaches might or might not work,” he said. “This process is ideal because, by the end of it, one of three things will happen: people feel 100% confident in what they want and like, feel wowed and impressed by the twist put on their original idea or feel that they need to go in a totally different direction. A different direction can also be good because it fosters growth and helps to define what they really want to see and communicate in their logo.”

The wow factor is definitely something that struck Bullen on his first glimpse.

“My immediate response was WOW, and I jumped right off the chair!” Bullen exclaimed. “I said right away that it was very unique and something that had everything I asked for. The Planet90 Soccer logo has that planet feel I wanted, and the earth tone soccer ball speaks for itself. I am very satisfied with the great work Omar Moses has done on the logo.”

That first look may have caught Bullen by storm, but Moses says he is not completely to thank for that original rendition.

“I showed him one finished logo and two that were just started, along with some rough sketches,” Moses recollected. “Apparently, that's all it took because the one he loved was the one that was finished. I told him that one seemed to be sent to him from above because it wasn't even one of my sketches.”

Moses is happy himself with the finished logo, but he remains humble regarding its creation.

“I wish I could say I gave it three months of forethought, crafted each curve and broke into a sweat just getting the color perfect, but it was much simpler than that,” he commented. “I let my mind stay open, sat down at my Mac, and the very first logo I put together was the one for him. Those kinds of moments don't happen very often, but when it does, I get a Kool-Aid smile and give thanks to God for the experience. You don't often get to work for whoever you want, but when you are able to help good people, you feel grateful. I am happy that I was able to help and be a part of Planet90, and I will be looking forward to hearing more about this new company.”

Although the website is still in the creation phase, a small portion of the work that Moses and Percussion Graphics have created can be seen at His company has also recently partnered with Pure Driven Concepts LLC to develop websites and will be updating that site at

“With Percussion Graphics LLC, my goal is to capture and hold the attention of the viewer by using good design to communicate,” Moses remarked. “I like to think that Percussion Graphics is a place where the message and the audience collide.”

Founded by professional soccer player Oral Bullen, Planet90 Soccer takes a unique and self-fulfilling approach to creating well-rounded soccer players and overall individuals. With many new developments on the horizon, the company has already launched their own website at and will keep the site updated with all of the latest developments regarding the company. For any additional information regarding Planet90 Soccer, President Oral Bullen can be reached at

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