Beltran Edges Lundy for NABF Strap

Lundy and Beltran put on a show in the main event.

Razor Thin Decision Changes Possession of Belt in Friday Night Fights Main Event

In what turned out to be a hotly contested main event on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, Raymundo Beltran (26-6, 17 KOs) was able to edge Philadelphia native Hank Lundy (22-2, 11 KOs) by the slimmest of margins to claim the NABF Lightweight Title. The majority decision in favor of Beltran left many in attendance scratching their heads, proving once again that anything can happen when the results are left in the hands of the judges.

Lundy came into this encounter as the defending champion, and his trademark slickness and deceptive movement was on display at the onset. However, Beltran’s sturdy flat-footed approach started to cause some issues in the early rounds, and his desire for confrontation tended to pull Lundy out of his game plan. As soon as a good exchange would get started, the Philadelphia fan favorite was more than happy to stand in there and bang, which was not necessarily the best thing for him to do. At the end of the third frame, Beltran was firing off a flurry very late in the round onto Lundy, who literally and figuratively was on the ropes. Referee Samuel Viruet started giving a very hard look at the furious action between the two, but Lundy was able to back up Beltran with a hard right hand just before the bell that cleared him of danger. The intense tempo to close the frame was so great that the two fighters even had to stop and acknowledge each other in appreciation.

Beltran continued to be effective in his approach during the following round, but Lundy was able to return to his comfort zone in the second half of the fifth frame. He began to jump in with combos to the head before dipping under the counter from Beltran, following up with a four-punch set that switched levels and then quickly dipping under and sliding out the engagement. Once getting back to his slick foundation, Lundy had reestablished his craftiness and took back control of the bout. He began to lead confrontation with his set-up jab, and he was also seeing the advances of Beltran much better as well.

The key to success for Beltran was walking Lundy onto the ropes or into the corner, setting his feet and tossing damage. When he was able to do so, he was putting his opposition into some serious trouble. On the contrary, Lundy had his most success when using his slick movement and ability to slide under and out. Both competitors found times where they were able to apply those tactical strategies, particularly with Beltran early and Lundy in the middle and down the stretch. A decent amount of the frames made it pretty apparent who had won the three minutes of action, but the tight rounds were left in the eye of the beholder, which led to the eventual outcome.

When the score cards were called upon after 10 frames of a very entertaining fight, the toss-up rounds went in favor of Beltran according to the ringside judges. The first tally revealed was an even 95-95 count, while the other two cards were submitted as a 96-94 victory for Beltran. The majority decision gave Beltran the biggest win of his career, along with the NABF Lightweight Championship.

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