Resolution Sports Partners with It's On! Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts

It's On! Boxing/MMA co-owner Anthony Rodriguez and Resolution Sports President John Archibald at a boxing show in Atlantic City.

Two Groups Join Forces in Developing Collective Marketing and Overall Business Goals

Resolution Sports, LLC, officially announced that it has formed a partnership with It’s On! Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts, a state-of-the-art facility located in Delran, New Jersey. The two groups will align marketing and promotional efforts as part of their new union, with many new and exciting developments being unveiled in the near future.

“At Resolution Sports, we are very focused upon creating a strong footprint within the fight game, and partnering with It’s On! Boxing/MMA is the perfect move for our company in that mission,” Resolution Sports President John Archibald stated. “The first time I walked into their facility, I literally had to pick up my jaw off the floor. Everything in the gym is second to none, and it appeals to everyone from professional fighters to people just looking to get into great shape. Anthony Rodriguez and his team there have a true gem on their hands, and I could not be any more excited to partner with them.”

Resolution Sports and It’s On! Boxing/MMA had already shared a mutual partner in Coach Rick Coward the Mittologist, a professional trainer who is quickly emerging to the top ranks of the sport through his technical and unique mitt training methods, so bridging their own union was an easy step for both organizations.

“At It’s On! Boxing/MMA, we want our members to truly jump into the boxing and MMA culture, not only using its methods to get into shape but to also adapt to it as a lifestyle,” co-owner Anthony Rodriguez remarked. “When you train here, we want you to feel like a celebrity, which is why we regularly have the camera out and love promoting our members through various platforms like social media. By partnering with Resolution Sports, that concept is taken to a whole another level. Not only will our gym grow through its exposure, but everyone who walks through our doors will also reap the benefits of our joining forces.”

One of the unique approaches that It’s On! Boxing/MMA takes is that it offers classes for people of all types, with exclusive women’s and men’s classes while also training professional and amateur fighters at the same time. Techniques from both boxing and MMA are used in the class settings, providing the opportunity for all members to get into the best shape of their lives.

“You can train like a fighter here without the pressure of being a fighter,” Rodriguez continued. “It can be intimidating to walk into a gym for the first time, and that is why we make It’s On! as welcoming as possible. Whether you are a businessman, weekend warrior or someone just looking to drop some weight in a fun way, this gym is the perfect spot for you.”

At It’s On! Boxing/MMA, the gym has virtually everything for its members. On site is a boxing ring, MMA cage, bags, mats, indoor track, weights and cardio equipment. For more information on its facility, visit the gym online at or call them directly at 856-393-8370. You can also stop by the gym at 1060 Chester Avenue in Delran, New Jersey.

Resolution Sports was founded in 2008 by Archibald after the concept of establishing a communication-based sports company came into his head on a train ride home from working one evening in Newark, New Jersey. The foundation of Resolution Sports was created that very night, and Resolution Sports, LLC, was fully licensed and operational within a matter of three weeks. Within its first year, Resolution Sports developed a national presence that originated in the Northeast but stretched as far west as California all the way to the southern tip of Florida. In addition its communication arm, the company also has a second wing that covers sports, mainly boxing and MMA, from a journalistic perspective with news and a variety of written and video features.

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