Anthony ‘Juice’ Young Signs with GH3 Promotions, Returns to Action on March 15th

Young looks to improve to 7-0 next Friday in Whippany, New Jersey.

Written by John Archibald, Resolution Sports

Undefeated welterweight Anthony “Juice” Young (6-0, 2 KOs) has signed his first promotional contract as a professional fighter, inking a deal with Vito Meilnicki’s GH3 Promotions. The move is already paying dividends to the Atlantic City native, who will be returning to the ring next Friday at the Birchwood Manor in Whippany, New Jersey, to end a nearly eight-month layoff.

“This deal came about through Rich Masini, my manager, who is good friends with Vito Meilnicki,” Young commented. “It was presented to us a while back, but I’m not sure how serious it all was at the time. However, things heated up here lately, and they came to us with a contract. I looked through it and felt it looked pretty good. We made some changes to it, and they ended up giving us everything that we wanted in the contract. Most promoters would just say ‘This is the contract, and we’re not changing anything. Either you sign it or you don’t. Take it or leave it.’ So when they took the contract and made the changes we wanted, that right there said a lot about them as a promoter. To start the relationship this way makes me really excited. Now I know that in the future, if I say I want to fight this guy or that guy, they’re going to do everything they can do to make it happen.”

Young joins two undefeated middleweights on the GH3 roster in John Thompson (11-0, 4 KOs) and Antoine Douglas (4-0, 3 KOs), bringing the cumulative record between the three fighters to 21-0 with nine knockouts. All three fighters will be competing next Friday on the card at the Birchwood Manor, and Young in particular voiced his enthusiasm in returning to the ring. Due to circumstances out of his control, Young has not fought since July when he defeated a scrappy Richard Andrews in his native Atlantic City.

“I’m really excited because I haven’t fought in over seven months, and it became really frustrating,” he admitted. “Some people say they don’t want a promoter because of money or whatever, but every fighter eventually needs a promoter at a certain point in his career, an army behind you to push you so you can achieve what you want to achieve. Looking at the fighters they already have, Antoine Douglas was 4-0 just three months after becoming a pro. John Thompson is sitting at 11-0, and he’s only been a pro a little bit longer than me. They fight often, and that makes me ready to get the ball rolling because I know I’m going to be so much more active. I look at that, and I know they can move me and keep me going at a fast pace.

“If I’m not getting hurt and knocking out dudes left and right, or if I’m winning conventionally and not getting any cuts, this promoter will keep me very active.”

While Young may have been forced to deal with a long absence from the ring, it has certainly not affected his training and development. The unbeaten 25-year-old has stayed busy in his own Atlantic City gym, and he also spent a prolonged period of time in training camp with IBF Welterweight Champion Devon Alexander (24-1, 13 KOs) in St. Louis.

“I’m feeling good. I’m very happy and fired up about getting back in the ring,” he stated. “Even though I haven’t fought in a long time, I’ve still been very active in the gym. I was in camp with Devon Alexander, and I’m just excited about getting back to work so I can show the world what I’m made of. In the Devon camp, I gained a lot of experience and learned a lot of things. It was rough, I mean he is a world champion for a reason. I took my bumps and bruises, but I learned a lot from it. Now I’m ready to unleash all of that on my opponent. I feel sorry for what’s coming to him.”

A man dedicated to his craft who also possesses a very entertaining style of boxing, Young promises all spectators will be in for a show next Friday night.

“People are going to see an explosive Anthony ‘Juice’ Young,” he said. “Expect me to come out strong, throwing a lot of punches. Expect the charisma, expect the total package. You know what I bring to the table. People are going to get the full Juice Experience.”

The Birchwood Manor is located at 111 North Jefferson Road in Whippany, and the first bell of the evening is slated for 7:30 p.m. For more information on GH3 Promotions, check them out online at

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