Anthony 'Juice' Young Set for AC Return

Young looks for his 8th win in eight fights on April 19th.

Written by John Archibald, Resolution Sports

Undefeated Atlantic City Native Fighting Scrappy Rafael Montalvo on April 19th

Undefeated welterweight Anthony “Juice” Young (7-0, 3 KOs) looks to continue improving his perfect professional record on April 19th, fighting dangerous Puerto Rican brawler Rafael Montalvo (2-3, 2 KOs) in front of a hometown Atlantic City crowd. The bout will be part of the latest ESPN Friday Night Fights card to hit New Jersey, and it is set to take place at the Tropicana Casino & Resort.

“One of my promoters, Greg Cohen, came by when we were watching a replay of my fight from March 15th (TKO over Ronnie Jordan), and he was telling me how impressive I looked that night,” Young said of when he was originally notified that he would be making a quick trip back to the ring. “He told me that they were planning to have me fight every six weeks. When he said that to me, my eyes lit up. He said we were looking at fighting in April, but it would be definitely be May at the latest. Not even two weeks later, I got a call saying we were set for April 19th. They started going through opponents with the matchmaker, and then I got a text asking me what I felt about fighting Rafael Montalvo.”

Young has already proven numerous times in his professional career that he is willing to chop it up with any opponent that his team feels he is ready to battle, already notching impressive wins over such hard hitting and aggressive fighters as Jose Javier Calderon and Richard Andrews.

“At this point in my career, I don’t really care who it is,” he continued. “I refuse to lose, so it doesn’t matter who they put in front of me. I look at every fight like there is a million dollars on the line. Even though I might not be making millions right now, I know there’s millions for me down the road. I can’t lose these early stage fights because it would mess up the big picture for me.”

Montalvo is a very dangerous scrapper with an even more deceptive record. Despite having just two wins in five professional bouts, he has two huge stoppage wins over welterweight prospects Vinny O’Brien and Decarlo Perez. Including Young, his opponents came into the bout opposite him with just a single blemish and owning a cumulative 17-1-3 record.

“He’s a pretty good opponent, and I’ve seen him fight before,” Young stated. “His record is 2-3, but he could easily be 5-0 or 4-1. I’ve seen him fight, and I know he has skills. All that does is make me want to elevate my game, so I’m excited. When they told me I was fighting him, I caught goose bumps. I knew I could really show my skills and not have to worry about him running from me. I have somebody who is coming to fight, coming to win.”

A true boxing head who has a real appreciation for the sport, Young says that he needs to remain focused during this six-round bout to emerge victorious.

“I have to stay sharp and strong all the way through this fight,” he confirmed. “I’ve seen that he has a pretty strong left hook, so I’ll look to stay away from it. I just have to be able to adapt to whatever he brings. If he wants to hook, I’m going to be ready for that. If he wants to throw right hands, I’m going to be ready for that. Whatever he brings to the table, I’m going to be ready for it. Like I said, there’s millions on the line for me. I’m not making a million dollars for this fight, but I always have my future on my mind. I have too much riding on this and too many people depending on me.

“Whatever he brings, I’m going to be able to adapt to it. I’m just going to go out there and get the victory. I can’t promise you the knockout, all I can do is promise the win. He’s a strong opponent, but that’s just going to elevate me more and make me look that much more superb. People will leave there saying ‘I didn’t know Juice could do this’ or ‘I didn’t know Juice was capable of that.’ These are the types of opponents I want. I don’t want walk-over opponents because it isn’t going to be easy once I get to the next level. Right now, I’m in the beginning stages of my career, and I want to fight guys like Rafael Montalvo. He’s a good opponent.”

Young could not help but voice his excitement in how active he looks to be since signing with GH3 Promotions earlier this year, especially considering that he is getting to compete in his native Atlantic City in just his second bout under its promotional banner.

“It’s always exciting to get to perform at home,” he remarked. “I have a lot of love for me here every time I’m around. When I’m out at any event, everybody is always asking me when I’m fighting again, particularly when I’ll be fighting again in the City. I’m going to have a lot of fans there on the 19th, and there’s nothing like fighting at home and having the home crowd behind you. Being on an ESPN card again, I’m not sure if the fight will get televised, but I’m honestly not worried about any of that right now. This is all a process, and we’re taking it one baby step at a time. If the fight does get on TV, then it will be the perfect opportunity to show the world my skills and show the world exactly who Juice is.”

Tickets for the ESPN Friday Night Fights card are currently on sale now, and they can be purchased today by calling Team Young (Juice Crew) at (609) 246-1855.

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