KEA Boxing Undercard Results

Patryk Szvmanski came out the victor of a scrap with David Roman Curiel.

Ringside Report

KEA Boxing returned to New Jersey on Saturday night, putting on a six-bout show at Schuetzen Park in North Bergen. The two feature fights of the evening involved a pair of welterweight prospects in Alex “The Brick City Bullet” Perez and Juan “The Beast” Rodriguez, but four bouts went down before the main card got underway.

Liz Sherman (4-3, 2) vs. Nydia Feliciano (6-4-3)
The women got the action started on Saturday night when Sherman and Feliciano stepped into the ring. Coming off a pair of defeats, Feliciano looked particularly dialed into her opponent from the onset of this one, and she showed clear ring generalship throughout the four rounds of competition. With Sherman unable to truly get herself into the flow of her attack, Feliciano became the victor when the final bell sounded, winning all four rounds on each of the judge’s scorecards.

Michal Chudecki (5-0-1, 3) vs. Christian Steele (3-5-1, 1)
With the Polish contingency heavily behind him, Chudecki entered this fight as the clear favorite. However, his Virginian counterpart was dead set on spoiling his plans of a victory party. Both featherweights were active in the opening frame, planting their feet and firing from the pocket to make the foundation of what appeared to be a pretty entertaining scrap. It turned out not to be the case over the course of the remaining rounds, though. Steele began to lean into confrontation to insight a clinch, and the over pursuance of Chudecki had him constantly walking into that trap. In the fifth frame, Steele began to sneak in the overhand right from the clinch, and this bout eventually finished out with Chudecki trying to turn up the tempo in its last three minutes. Despite that effort, he continued to have problems finding any space to work. By the time that the six frames concluded, a majority draw was the result. The first card went 58-56 in favor of Chudecki, while the last two read 57-57.

Anthony Gangemi (3-0, 3) vs. Edson Soto (1-1, 1)
2012 New Jersey Golden Gloves winner Gangemi made it three-for-three in this two-round dismantling of Soto. He presented a very poised demeanor from the opening bell, also bringing constant pressure to his opposition. Early in this contest, he fired an overhand right that forced Soto to a knee, and it turned out to be a sign of things to come. He kept Soto on his heels over the remainder of the first frame, frustrating him with sound defense and overwhelming him with precision punching. In the second round, Gangemi quickly closed the book on this bout. After delivering a lead right hand that caused Soto to take his hands high, Gangemi fired a vicious body blow that crumbled his opponent to a knee. After being unable to get back to his feet, a TKO was declared just 47 seconds into the frame.

Patryk Szvmanski (6-0, 2) vs. David Roman Curiel (3-1-1, 1)
In the last bout before the two features, Szvmanski and Curiel showed bad blood right from the opening staredown, and they put those feelings on display well past this six-round scrap. This fight went down like a reenactment out of a Rocky film, only it was most similar to the street scrum between Balboa and Tommy Gunn in the fifth installment of the movie series. Unable to control emotions, rabbit punches became a regular occurrence, and a grappling match broke out on numerous occasions with fighters (and even the ref once) ending up on the canvas. In the third frame, Szvmanski lost a point for repeatedly leaning on the back of Curiel’s head when he dipped his body, and he then suffered a 10-7 round that frame after his forward momentum sent him to the canvas following a grazing shot from his opposition. Throughout these six frames, nearly every punch was thrown with seriously bad intentions, and the whole fight basically occurred within the confines of a phone booth. At no point did either competitor take his foot off the pedal, and they literally banged it out until the final bell rang to conclude the bout. It was then that the judges revealed straight 58-56 tallies for Szvmanski, which caused a disagreeing Curiel to throw his wraps into the direction of his Polish opponent. A near brawl then escalated before being regulated by the cooler heads surrounding the two fighters.

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