Alex Perez Plans School Drive for Saturday

Perez last fought in April, defeating hard-nosed veteran Kenny Abril.

Written by John Archibald, Resolution Sports

Newark Welterweight Leading the Charge Behind School Supply Drive 

Anytime you hear about someone overcoming an impoverished upbringing to make a success out of his life, it is something that should always be acknowledged and relished. But when that same person never forgets about that same community where he was raised and remains focused on doing what he can to give back and create more success stories such as himself, that is a man you stand up and applaud.

Alex “The Brick City Bullet” Perez (17-1, 9 KOs) has literally fought his way through the choppy waters of Newark, New Jersey, overcoming nearly every obstacle that a man can possibly face as he pursues his dream of one day becoming a world championship boxer. Growing up in one of the country’s most notoriously violent cities, Perez found his remorse in the form of a pair of boxing gloves, doing his best to stay away from a street life that constantly tugged on his sleeves. The exact details of what he has endured are a story for another day, and best believe it is one that we will soon tell among the same pages of this website you are currently visiting.

Not today, though. Today is a day to focus strictly on the positive. It is a day to celebrate the actions that Perez and his team are conducting to prepare for a back-to-school drive that occurs this Saturday, August 24th, between the hours of noon and 4:00 p.m. Team Perez will be collecting school supplies and donations of all sorts at Dr. E. Alma Flagg Elementary School, which is located at 150 3rd Street in Newark, with Perez on hand to sign autographs and take photographs. Other forms of entertainment will also be going down.

“I came from poverty, and I just want to do everything I can to give back,” Perez said of his reasoning behind this event. “Coming up, that main father figure or big brother figure was never something I had. My mother held me down. It’s a blessing for me to be in a situation now where I can give back. When I came up, we never had somebody who made it out of the neighborhood and ever really gave back. I want to switch that up with my generation and definitely do what I can. That’s my motivation.”

When asked about what it means to him to know that he and his team will be providing happiness to so many with this event, the whole demeanor of Perez instantly lit up.

“This will be such a blessing once I see the look on people’s faces, knowing we’re making a difference,” he answered. “And this is just a door breaker. This is something we’re trying to do every year, and it will be a lot bigger next year. We’re looking to do turkey giveaways and coat drives in the future as well as this. We’re just really looking to do as much as we can. Like I said, this is only a door breaker, and Saturday will be such a blessing when we see everyone’s face. Right now, we’re just knocking on the door, and I’m going to put my foot through it. I can’t wait until Saturday, and keep an eye on our team to see what other types of community events we will be putting together in the future.”

All donations can be brought to Dr. E. Alma Flagg Elementary School on Saturday afternoon, and anyone in need of more information for this event is encouraged to email

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