Final Results: Boxing at the Robert Treat Hotel

Junior middleweight John Thompson was victorious in the main event.

In an event co-showcased by GH3 Promotions, Greg Cohen Promotions and Final Round Promotions, nine bouts were presented at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey, on Friday, September 13th. Following is a recap of all the action.

Ringside Report by Resolution Sports

John Thompson (13-0, 4) vs. Brandon Quarles (10-1-1, 3)
In the main event of the evening, Newark junior middleweight John Thompson put on a rather dominant performance in front of his hometown fans, emerging victorious when the ringside judges revealed straight tallies of 80-70 after eight rounds of action. Thompson came out in rhythm, jumping in and out of confrontation behind his lead jab. Quarles attempted to become the aggressor once he discovered that he would be unsuccessful at the type of fight being presented to him, but Thompson was still first when they exchanged and came in numbers when he let his hands go. Just past the midway point of the bout, both fighters began to turn up the tempo, highlighted by a furious flurry from Thompson in the 7th frame that sent Quarles to the canvas. The eighth round was the best one of this fight, with both boxers leaving it all in the ring and battling until the final bell. Once the action concluded, it was Thompson who saw his hand raised, remaining undefeated in the process.

Rickey Edwards vs. (3-0, 2) vs. Christian Steele (3-7-1, 1)
Hailing from neighboring Paterson, New Jersey, Rickey Edwards also had the hometown crowd behind him as he faced gritty veteran Christian Steele, who came down in weight to take this bout. Edwards put on an aggressive yet intelligent performance, picking his spots to unload violent combinations. His best moment came late in the second frame when he hit Steele with a counter right cross that sent him to the canvas. Edwards then finished off the round with a flurry before cruising to an eventual win in four rounds.

Anthony “Juice” Young (9-0, 4) vs. James Harrison (3-3-1)
To see a complete video recap of a dominant four-round victory by Anthony “Juice” Young, click here.

Tyrell Wright (3-0, 1) vs. Alex Rozman (2-3, 1)
While he may not have possessed a knockout in his first two professional bouts, Wright made his first one a memorable one. The Bayonne native came out boxing in this one, and he quickly stepped into a left hook that landed flush on the chin of Rozman, knocking the equilibrium of the Illinois resident off balance and sending him to the canvas. After stumbling on the floor and into the corner once he finally rose to his feet on unsteady legs, a halt was called to this contest, rewarding Wright with a first round knockout.

Jerry Odom (5-0, 5) vs. Antoinio Liles (1-4, 1)
This fight was over about as quickly as it started. Odom immediately stepped to the center of the ring at the opening bell, exploded on Liles and quickly dropped him with a flurry. While on the canvas, Liles complained of rabbit punches but made no effort to get back to his feet, resulting in his being counted out and awarding Odom with a first frame stoppage just 54 seconds into the fight.

Godson Noel (2-0, 2) vs. Charles Kirby (1-7, 1)
After both fighters had their moments in the opening frame, Noel came out much more comfortably in the second round. Once he was able to work his opposition into the corner, Noel started firing off in heavy numbers. The referee in charge then stepped into the exchange and called for the ringside doctor. After reviewing Kirby, this bout was waved off and recorded as a TKO win for Noel just 48 seconds into the second frame. The exact reasoning of the stoppage was not revealed.

Samuel Teah (1-0, 1) vs. Larry Yanez (3-6-2, 0)
Philadelphia fighter Samuel Teah was amped up in his professional debut, coming up with elusive quickness and putting on a show. Late in the opening round, he earned the first knockdown of his career when he landed a flush left hook that he set up with a straight right hand. Teah then began using the roll and looked even more comfortable over the next frame, and he then closed the show in the third round. He started the stanza with a flurry and folded Yanez midway through the session with a right hand. Yanez still choose to continue after the second knockdown, and Teah made him pay for it. With a poised demeanor, he attacked Yanez until he once again crumbled to the canvas after being peppered with heavy shots. At this point, the referee in charge had no choice but to call it to a halt, and Teah was victorious in his debut via a third round stoppage at the 2:29 mark.

Danny Kelly (4-0-1, 4) vs. Jamal Woods (3-8-1, 3)
This heavyweight encounter had a flip-flop of rounds, with Woods controlling the first and third frames by finishing them both a strong explosion, while the second and fourth stanzas moved at a slow pace that seemed to closely be at the advantage of Kelly. The final scorecards reflected that for the most part, with a majority draw being revealed with two counts of 38-38 and a 39-37 tally in favor of Kelly.

Shakur Jackson (1-0-1, 1) vs. Malik Jackson (0-1-1)
The opening bout of the night was also a draw, although this one was a split draw. Former New Jersey amateur standout Shakur Jackson was clearly the better boxer of the two, but the smothering tactics of Malik Jackson enabled him to edge out some rounds of his own. This one was truly a style call in terms of judgment, and the refs were evenly split in how they saw it. After both fighters had 39-37 cards revealed in their favor, a third tally of 38-38 made it a split draw.

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