Exclusive Q/A: Gabriel Rosado

Photo courtesy of Team Gabriel.

John Archibald recently caught up with Philadelphia middleweight Gabriel Rosado (21-6, 13 KOs), who will challenge WBO Middleweight Champion Peter Quillin (29-0, 21 KOs) on October 26th in Atlantic City as the co-main event of a card that features the ageless Bernard Hopkins defending his IBF Light Heavyweight Title against Karo Murat. A special thanks goes out to Gabriel Rosado and publicist Michelle Rosado for the time.

JA: Gabe, thanks for the time, Champ. For starters, how has training for this fight been going?

GR: This is the best training camp I've ever had. I'm mentally focused. And its probably the best sparring that I've had going into a fight, too.

JA: This is not the first time you have been on the world title stage. What did you learn from your fight with GGG (and being in this setting before) that you think will help you when you meet Peter Quillin on the 26th?

GR: I learned to tighten up my training regimen and to have a stricter daily routine.

JA: Your friend, Danny Garcia, currently stands as the only Latino fighter from Philadelphia to become a world champion. With your strong Latino heritage and Philadelphia pride, how much more special would it be to win the title, doing something that only one other fighter with your background has ever done?

GR: I'm going to take a lot of pride in that, however it will be that more special because there will be three world champs in Philly with me, Danny and Bernard Hopkins. And that there has only been done one time.

JA: Without giving away too much, what do you think are some of the most important things you have to do on the 26th to have your hand raised in victory?

GR: I have to win every round convincingly.

JA: When you play out in your head the moment where the words “AND NEW” would be said, which would mean you won the WBO Middleweight Championship, what types of thoughts go through your head?

GR: I might pass out. I'm going to feel like I hit the Powerball. It will be a feeling that I've never experienced before.

JA: In closing, what are some words you have for all the fight fans out there? What can they expect from you on October 26th?

GR: I appreciate them so much for supporting me. They keep me relevant. My fans are loyal. I took the hard road to the top and they've stayed with me for the ride.

JA: Thanks again for the time, Gabriel, and best of luck to you on the 26th.

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