The Two Sides of GK Tomer Chencinski

Chencinski has seen success on both the indoor and outdoor fronts

Netminder Compares the Indoor and Outdoor Versions of Soccer

Toronto, ON (Tuesday, September 15, 2009) – It takes a pretty skillful player to pull off the daunting task of playing soccer on both the indoor and outdoor platforms, and in no place is that more truthful than between the pipes. The goalkeeping position takes a different breed of person to want to be on the receiving end of all those powerful bombs for the entirety of a match, and it takes one of great versatility to be able to pull it off both on the great wide open of outdoor soccer and within the tight constraints of its indoor brethren.

“Playing indoor and outdoor is like playing two different sports. I feel like the only thing that’s the same is the size five ball,” goalkeeper Tomer Chencinski joked in a recent interview.

Chencinski is an accomplished backstopper that spent this past outdoor season playing with the Harrisburg City Islanders of USL-2. The Farleigh Dickinson (NJ) University graduate signed with Toronto FC of Major League Soccer after college, and he has since seen quite a bit of success playing both outdoor and indoor soccer. Before he headed to the state capital of Pennsylvania earlier this year, Chencinski was undefeated with the Detroit Ignition of what was then the Major Indoor Soccer League and led the Newark Ironbound Express to the USL Premier Development League postseason, collecting PDL Eastern Conference Goalkeeper of the Year accolades along the way.

Achieving such success on both fronts is something that is not easily attainable, and Chencinski is quick to link the two versions of the game with his development as a goalkeeper.

“Indoor helps goalkeepers with reaction saves, and since playing indoor, I feel much more comfortable with shots from close range,” he commented. “I also feel like indoor makes a goalkeeper better with his feet. Since you have to act like a sixth player on the field, you have to be good with your feet.”

While he likes the fact that he has been able to become more comfortable with the ball at his feet, Chencinski admits that there is a certain aspect of indoor soccer that he does not enjoy so much.

“The one thing I could do without is the boards, and I’m not sure if I could ever get used to them,” he said.

While Chencinski has done well adapting to the game of indoor soccer, he would never completely abandon his outdoor roots.

“Outdoor soccer helps with your overall game, since that is the real game of football,” he remarked. “Things such as angles, technique and the turf change dramatically from one sport to the other.”

Since the disbanding of the Major Indoor Soccer League, the National Indoor Soccer League has emerged as the top indoor soccer league and plans to kick off their second season this November. Chencinski has not ruled out taking his game indoors again.

“I had a great experience playing indoor,” he confirmed. “I might just have to do it again in the future.”

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