Introducing Health/Fitness Correspondent Dan Margolis

Margolis is focused upon achieving his dream of IFBB pro status in 2014.

Here at Resolution Sports, we are very happy to be expanding our coverage even further into the field of fitness and nutrition. As part of the development, it is with great excitement that we announce the addition of bodybuilder, personal trainer and nutritionist Dan Margolis to our staff. Not only will Dan tackle bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition topics by authoring regular written features, he will also be leading a new video series where he will offer tips and other tutorials. Additionally, we will be chronicling his journey as he looks to achieve his International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) professional card in 2014.

As we get the ball rolling with Dan, we asked him to share a little bit of his background so our readers would know a little bit more about him. He kindly obliged.

My name is Dan Margolis, and I grew up in Somerdale, New Jersey. As a child, I was overweight and struggled with self-confidence. At age 13, I started weight training, and that changed my life forever. I stepped on stage for the first time three years later and have never looked back. In 2007 I won the middleweight division at the NPC Collegiate Nationals and have continued to push my physique. I now compete as a light-heavyweight, and I also have placed Top 2 in nine shows from regional to national events.

Throughout these years of training, I focused on learning as much about the human body and its mechanics as possible. I completed my degree in Health & Exercise Science, and I also received my ACE Personal Training Certification and Sports Nutrition Certification. I studied and tested designing programs not only for myself, other bodybuilders and champion figure athletes, but for the average person as well. It is my greatest accomplishment to say that I have helped others change their lives and reach many top placing’s at NPC shows.

I have been in two of BPI’s Roxylean ads that run in Muscular Development, Flex, Muscle & Fitness, as well as many other magazines. Also, I am a part of’s Team Nytro and’s Team Nutrabio. In 2014 I plan on competing at the Bev Francis Atlantic States, the NPC USA and the NPC Nationals as I try to reach my dream and achieve IFBB pro status.

Since starting my long journey of competitive body building, I have had one singular goal, and that is to be the best bodybuilder and representative of the sport as possible. I pride myself in being an approachable gym-going guy who will stop his workout to help out anyone in need. This sport is not just about winning shows and earning that coveted pro-card. It is about spreading the wealth of knowledge to help others, and to promote health and fitness.

My Services Include:
One-on-One Personal Training
Online Training
Online Nutrition
Contest Prep

Please contact me at for more information.

Bodybuilding Contest History:
2002 Gold’s Classic 3rd place Bantamweights
2004 East Coast Championships 2nd place Lightweights
2005 Bev Francis Atlantic States 3rd place Middleweights
2006 Gold’s Classic 2nd place Middleweights
2007 Garden State Championships 1st place Novice Overall
2007 Collegiate Nationals 1st place Middleweights
2008 Garden State Championships 2nd Place Light-Heavyweights
2008 Collegiate Nationals 2nd Place Light-Heavyweights
2011 Europa Hartford 2nd Place Light Heavyweights
2011 New Jersey State Championships 2nd Place Light-Heavyweights
2012 Golds Classic 2nd place Light- Heavyweights
2012 NPC Nationals 3rd callout
2012 Eastern USA 5th place Light-Heavyweights

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