Malignaggi/Diaz II Close to Becoming Reality

Malignaggi throws a jab at Diaz during their controversial first fight this past August

Expected Site of Fight is Caesars in Atlantic City

Brooklyn, N.Y. (Monday, November 2, 2009) – Boxing fans may be close to getting the anticipated rematch between Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi and Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz after all. According to sources, the fight could be finalized this week and is expected to be the main event of an HBO telecast again, this time at Caesars in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“I can’t spend my life chasing Juan Diaz,” Malignaggi recently stated. “I think it’s more for the fans. Everyone who saw the first fight wants to see the rematch.”

In what was an excellent fight between two veteran fighters, the original Malignaggi-Diaz bout this past August took an ugly turn when the judges went to the scorecards. From the casual fan to the experienced professional, most saw Malignaggi winning the fight by at least two rounds and were dumbfounded by the eventual unanimous decision to Diaz.

“This is a fight that everybody deserves to see again,” Malignaggi continued. “This is a fight where the wrongs can be justified. There were a lot of wrongs in the first fight.”

Malignaggi went into Houston, the hometown of Diaz, for the first fight, and he quickly had the odds stacked against him once a seemingly biased panel of judges were chosen to score the bout. The Magic Man also agreed to fight down at a catch weight of 138.5 pounds and in a smaller ring that limited the ability of the Brooklyn boxer to slip his trademark jab.

“A lot of people who saw the fight will talk to their friends about the rematch,” Malignaggi commented about the prospect of a second fight with Diaz. “People will tune into the rematch. This has gotten bigger than Juan Diaz and Paul Malignaggi.”

After it was thought that negotiations for a second fight had died, Malignaggi promoter Lou DiBella breathed life back into an anticipated second showdown. The rematch was originally slated to occur in Chicago, but the fight will likely move to Caesars in Atlantic City with the prospect of a bigger payout being attached to the New Jersey site. The tentative date of the fight is December 12th, so if the rematch is going to happen, it will likely become official this week.

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