Resolution Sports Year-End Review

Atlantic City, N.J. (Wednesday, December 30, 2009) – As 2009 comes to a close, it brings us all to a time of reflection on the past and into an anticipation of what the future might hold. Closing its first full calendar year of operation, Resolution Sports saw a significant amount of growth in the past year as a company and looks to carry that momentum into 2010.

“When Resolution Sports was founded in the latter portion of 2008, we were just trying to get on solid ground so the foundation of the company would be strong,” President John Archibald stated. “As we close out 2009, I am ecstatic with all that we have achieved in the past year and see even bigger things and brighter lights in the future.”

The first item on the agenda when 2009 started was to create a company website, which was officially launched in January.

“When it came time to produce our website, I went straight to the team at Infinity Pro Sports because I had no question regarding who I wanted to create such an important part of our company portfolio,” Archibald said. “Joe Scott, their Director of Sales, is someone I had the pleasure of getting to know in the past while working with various teams, and the work of Infinity Pro Sports is second to none. Our personal rep for our website is Joey Scarpinato, so I have to make sure to give mention to him as well because it has been an absolute pleasure to work with someone that is as efficient as Joey is. I could not be any more satisfied with the website for Resolution Sports, and I still have that ‘wow factor’ happen to me every day when I see it.”

With the launch of its website, a main focus of the staff at Resolution Sports became creating content, which is only possible with a strong base of partners.

“Client is never a term you will hear come out of the mouths of anyone associated with our company,” Archibald explained. “There is no client-manager relationship with Resolution Sports because we whole-heartedly believe in establishing partnerships. We truly focus on working hand-in-hand with each of our partners to collectively achieve goals, and we have a vested interest in helping our partners accomplish as much success as possible. We view the success of our partners as being our own success, and that type of mentality will be forever built into our foundation.”

The highest level of success is something that was achieved on the field of play by two of the partners of Resolution Sports this past year, with the Pali Blues Soccer Club winning its second straight USL W-League championship and Sky Blue FC becoming the inaugural champion of Women’s Professional Soccer.

“While working with the New Jersey Ironmen for two seasons, I was introduced to the brilliance of Pali Blues head coach Charlie Naimo through Jim Gooley, another strong ally of Resolution Sports,” Archibald reflected. “From the first conversation I ever had with Charlie, I instantly realized why he is so highly praised by anyone who knows anything about soccer. Through two seasons with Charlie and his incredible staff in California, I have been lucky enough to be a part of two championships. You can’t ask for much more than that.”

WPS champion Sky Blue FC had its success come via an improbable playoff run that saw them sneak into the postseason as the final seed and win three road contests in eight days against teams that they had not beaten during the regular season.

“The Sky Blue FC championship story is one that was made for the movie industry,” Archibald remarked. “Against all odds, they persevered from a stack of obstacles and emerged as champions. They are truly an inspiration to all who love a genuine success story.”

Sky Blue FC has become a cornerstone partner of Resolution Sports, and Archibald was quick to acknowledge the relationship.

“Our partnership with Sky Blue FC can be directly attributed to Mike Milich, who is one of the strongest personal allies to our company,” he continued. “He opened the door for us to the organization, and for that we are extremely grateful. Sky Blue FC General Manager Gerry Marrone and his staff are committed to excellence, and that is exactly the type of people that we look to associate our company.”

2009 saw social networking become a predominant method of communications on both a personal and professional level, and Resolution Sports has seen significant promotion through those outlets with its own personal pages. Another big step this year for the company was its first radio commercial, which was done as a read-over by Naimo with the assistance of Gooley in production. The commercial hit the airways this past summer through the Newark Radio Network, a company partner that is spearheaded by Juan Nortez.

“The support that has been given to Resolution Sports is humbling,” Archibald commented. “From my personal perspective, I have so many people to thank for their dedication, but it must begin with the strong support of my family and girlfriend, Allyson. They have been the backbone that has kept the company standing firm for the past year, and that is something I cannot state strongly enough. There are so many others that I have to thank as well, and we would be here for weeks if I thanked everyone that has contributed to our growth.”

Similar to an acceptance speech at an award show, Archibald then took a stab at passing out gratitude to some of the people that have played a pivotal role in the growth of Resolution Sports.

“Some others I must thank include Mike Milich, Tony Meola, Charlie Naimo, Jim Gooley, Amanda Lomberg, Gioia DiFlumeri, Dennis Wilson, Leo Acevedo, Kellie Switzer, Oral Bullen, Kenny Mastrole, Omid Namazi, Goran Vasic, Marsha Blount, Kevin Mulhall, Jason Lemire, Tracy Corbin, Gerry Marrone, Darcee’ Roberts, Joe Scott, Joey Scarpinato, Augustine Dashiell, Juan Nortez, Tony Novo, Kevin McDermott, Steve Lowy, Anthony Catanzaro, George Martin, George Martin II and Ethan Zohn,” he stated. “There are countless others I’d like to thank, and no one that has supported Resolution Sports has gone unnoticed. I cannot even begin to express the appreciation that I have for all of the incredible support that this company has had since its foundation, and with that continual support, we will only continue to grow stronger.”

Heading into 2010, many exciting developments are in the plans for Resolution Sports, and the company looks to maintain its focus of growth both for itself and its partners. For all of the latest announcements on Resolution Sports and its partners, supporters can continue to monitor the company website at

As 2009 comes to a close, Resolution Sports had one last reminder for all of its supporters: Don’t forget to make those New Year’s Resolutions, and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2010!

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