Jersey Pump Claims its Redemption with Brand Reveal

Company Rises from the Ashes to Officially Activate the Gladiator Movement

A new category was established in the beverage space today, with balanced fitness drink Jersey Pump officially announcing its brand reveal at the weigh-ins for the historic 50th installment of Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat. The reveal is a genuine symbol of redemption for the company, which saw all of its assets destroyed in Hurricane Sandy and now rises from the ruins to ignite a new culture that can more accurately be defined as the Gladiator Movement.

“Jersey Pump is like the fighters we represent,” said Dany Nohra, Jersey Pump CEO and founder. “We have been knocked down, beaten, shoved around and pushed to our limits. Yet round after round, we continued to stand up to the challenge. Our adversaries and the elements that tried to tear us down have finally given up, and the universe can do nothing but listen to our demands. We represent the true DNA of fighters, the true resiliency of warriors and the true perseverance of gladiators.”

In addition to the brand reveal on Thursday, Jersey Pump was also named the Official Drink of Ring of Combat, an amazing accomplishment that truly symbolizes the incredible resilience and impact that the company has already had on the industry. Ring of Combat is a true pioneer mixed martial arts promotion and staged the first fight by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board under what is now known as the Unified Rules of MMA. Ring of Combat also has a proven history of recruiting talent and producing future UFC fighters, which is why Jersey Pump is aligning itself with the long-running promotion.

“We are honored to be partnering with Lou Neglia and Ring of Combat, and we find it very humbling,” Nohra stated. “This partnership helps to tell the story of Jersey Pump. From the moment we stepped into our cage, we got knocked down, only to get up and win our own championship belt.”

A true break-through drink, Jersey Pump is made of natural ingredients with just 100 calories. It is composed of a unique blend that includes 16 grams of whey protein isolate, branch chain amino acids, electrolytes, L-Glutamine and an exclusive energy compound, and the mix has created the trifecta to refuel, re-boost and rehydrate. The drink is designed for consumers to find the gladiator within themselves to conquer their arena of life, no matter what that arena may be.

In addition to Ring of Combat 50, Jersey Pump will also be a prominent partner of the Martial Arts Expo that will be taking place throughout the weekend at the Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City. The Martial Arts Expo is organized by Master Alan Goldberg and features some of the most recognizable figures and brands within the entire MMA and martial arts community.

Jersey Pump will be making additional announcements about the #GladiatorMovement throughout the weekend at Ring of Combat 50 and the Martial Arts Expo, also generating consistent updates via social media during the entire event. For all of the latest information on the #GladiatorMovement, follow Jersey Pump on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @JerseyPump

“Are you a gladiator or a spectator? Step into the arena of life.”

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