Jersey Pump CEO Dany Nohra Receives 'Man of the Year Resiliency Award'

Nohra and his wife, Rebecca, following the announcement of the honor.

Nohra Honored at Action Martial Arts Magazine Awards Show for Perseverance and Endurance

A weekend full of perseverance and redemption reached its pinnacle on Saturday night, with Jersey Pump CEO Dany Nohra receiving the Man of the Year Resiliency Award on behalf of Jersey Pump at the annual Action Martial Arts Magazine Mega Weekend Awards Show in Atlantic City. The accolade serves as the golden sword of the #GladiatorMovement, a true symbol of the resolve possessed by a man and company who overcame insurmountable odds to claim redemption.

“It is a testament to the American dream that a war refugee from Beruit, Lebanon, would be standing here accepting this great award on behalf of my partners, family, friends, supporters and every single entrepreneur who has struggled, sacrificed and committed to his vision,” Nohra said of receiving the award.

Presented to him by Master Alan Goldberg, Nohra accepted the award on Saturday night on behalf of the entire Jersey Pump brand and serves as the perfect example of resilience himself. Facing religious and political persecution, Nohra’s mother gathered him and his brother and immigrated to New Jersey in 1993. At the age of 16-years-old, Nohra experienced freedom for the first time, but he still had to learn how to read and write as well as learn a new culture. Resiliency defined him, and watching his mother battle constant hardships throughout life still remains as his main source of inspiration today.

The conceptualization of Jersey Pump came one day in California when Nohra was in line at a convenience store. With an energy drink in one hand and a protein shake in the other, a lightbulb went on. The next day, he put in a two-week notice at his high salary job and locked himself in a room for three months to build the blueprint for Jersey Pump. He and his wife then moved back to New Jersey in 2012 so he could launch the product in his home state. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the entire region, causing mass devastation and destroying all of the assets of Jersey Pump. Nohra then picked up the pieces and assembled a new team to launch in June of 2013, only to see operational issues cause another major setback. Refusing to accept failure, Nohra then sought out new investors and assembled a top notch team while rebranding the company and upgrading the formula of Jersey Pump.

Nohra promised himself that Jersey Pump would come back stronger and more powerful, just like a true gladiator, and that promise has now been fulfilled with the brand reveal and launch of the company this weekend.

“It is unbelievably encouraging and inspiring to see something you sacrificed so much for come to fruition,” Nohra humbly remarked. “This weekend was a lot more than just a brand launch into the market. This weekend was a testament to the heart and will of an entrepreneur to endure everything that comes his way, execute a plan and deliver results.”

The entire weekend has been one of mass achievement and incredible excitement for Jersey Pump. The #GladiatorMovement was truly kicked into effect at the official Jersey Pump brand reveal on Thursday night, taking place at the weigh-ins for Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat. Jersey Pump was also named the Official Drink of Ring of Combat, playing a prominent role in their historic 50th fight card on Friday night. Additionally, Jersey Pump has been a key partner of the Martial Arts Expo that has been held throughout the weekend at the Tropicana Casino & Resort.

Redemption was claimed this weekend when the revolutionary product was officially unleashed, but the #GladiatorMovement has only just begun. Many major news announcements and partnerships will be announced in the coming weeks.

For all of the latest information on the #GladiatorMovement, follow Jersey Pump on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @JerseyPump

“Are you a gladiator or a spectator? Step into the arena of life.”

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