Robert T. Green Selected as Panelist for Black History Month Celebration

Pre-PostGame Inc. CEO to Speak on Feb. 17th Event in Washington, D.C.

Pre-PostGame Inc. founder and CEO Robert T. Green has been selected to a group of highly respected panelists for an upcoming event by the DC chapter of the LexisNexis® African American Network. The program, entitled The African-American Athlete: Challenges in Today's Sports World, will be taking place on Feb. 17th in Washington, D.C.  

“The sports business in America and abroad has never been bigger regarding its platform and responsibility,” Green stated. “It’s undeniable that it has a direct correlation and impact on the African American athlete on the social and economic level. Pre-Postgame Inc. is honored to be a part of this great event and thank LexisNexis for allowing us to be part of this extremely needed educational process.”

The event will feature prominent, former college and professional athletes who have gone on to make their marks in the academic, business and entertainment arenas following their successful days on the playing field. The objective of the panel is to provide insights and perspectives on a number of interesting and timely topics, including the portrayal of African American athletes in the media, as well as the educational, career and financial challenges facing professional athletes following their playing days. 

“The prominent role of sports in American society cannot be understated,” said Femi Richards, Vice President, Information Assurance and Assessment, RELX Group and President of the DC chapter of the LexisNexis® African American Network. “Indeed, sports are an important vehicle for communicating our shared values and individual identities. But, beyond the cheering and the accolades, the world of sports provides a valuable prism through which to examine and discuss sensitive societal issues such as racism, sexism and classism. We hope that by convening a stellar panel of prominent former athletes, we can engage in a substantive discussion that heightens awareness of the unique challenges facing Black athletes in today’s sports world.”

Joining Green as featured speakers are former NFL defensive back Shawn Springs, former Duke basketball player Ronald Burt, former Maret High School basketball coach Butch McAdams and former professional soccer player Robbie Russel. Each participant has gone onto significant business ventures since their playing days concluded. Serving as the moderator for the event will be Professor N. Jeremi Duru from the American University Washington College of Law.

The African-American Athlete: Challenges in Today's Sports World forum is being presented by the DC chapter of the LexisNexis® African American Network. The event is for LexisNexis® employees and will run from 3-5:00 PM on Feb. 17th, and this panel is being held in honor of Black History Month. The LexisNexis African American Network is organized as a voluntary group of employees within the RELX Group family of companies. The DC Chapter of the LexisNexis® African American Network embraces RELX Group’s corporate diversity initiatives aimed at improving the Company’s competitiveness by increasing the representation, development, promotion, and retention of people of color.  The D.C. AAN supports the premise that the success of the corporate diversity initiatives is contingent upon the existence of an inclusive support system that provides the understanding, counseling, coaching, mentoring, and role modeling that is generally required for success in the workplace.   The D.C. AAN is organized to (1) foster support for the corporate diversity initiatives (2) provide and encourage self-help for workplace success (3) strengthen linkages with the community, and (4) engage in dialog with corporate officials  regarding barriers that hinder the achievement of the corporate diversity goals. 


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