Taking Out HEROin Addiction Campaign Launches to Fight Substance Abuse

Morlon Greenwood Foundation Inc. President Robert T. Green with Morlon Greenwood.

The Morlon Greenwood Foundation Inc., ZIMMNATION FOUNDATION INC. and spokeswoman Jazzmin Wesley-Brown officially announced today a national campaign called Taking Out HEROin Addiction, which is united in fighting the heroin epidemic and addiction in the youth.

Morlon Greenwood, former National Football League and Syracuse University standout, and The Morlon Greenwood Foundation Inc. (TMGFI) head up Taking Out HEROin Addiction, with Greenwood serving as CEO of the organization. The former Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans starting linebacker has now transitioned into the entertainment industry as an actor and recording artist, working with the likes of Pitbull and Flo-Rida, but giving back to the community has always been one of the driving forces that made him into the man he is today.

“There is a HERO in all of us worth fighting for, and that HERO can be the one to change the world for the better,” Greenwood stated. “Believe it, and you will achieve it.”

The official spokeswoman for Taking Out HEROin Addiction is Jazzmin Wesley-Brown, a 23-year-old young woman who fell under the spell of drugs and alcohol until she eventually found herself fighting for her life after a heroin overdose. The overdose also left her a quadriplegic, and Brown has since dedicated her life to doing two things. The first mission is to walk again, and the second is to be a voice of deterrence for youth who may find themselves in a dark situation similar to where she once was.

“It is exciting to work with a group of selfless people like those at The Morlon Greenwood Foundation Inc.,” Wesley-Brown remarked. “They are not only taking an interest in this cause, but also actively participating in being part of the development in the most encouraging ways for our most valuable resource, which is our youth. This success of this campaign to fight addiction and walking again are the two things in my life that I am 100% committed to achieving.”

Tyrell Zimmerman, President and CEO of ZIMMNATION FOUNDATION INC., also stressed the importance of being involved in the Taking Out HEROin Addiction movement.

“As a young man, I grew up in the inner city in a drug-infested environment,” Zimmerman recalled. “As an adult, I have the privilege of working with youth on a daily basis. I have personally witnessed the effects of drug use, abuse and addiction. But never have I seen a drug, such as heroin, claim the lives of so many, regardless of age, race or socioeconomic status. Heroin has no respect of person. It is powerful, it is accessible, and it is affordable. If we do not do something to combat this epidemic, the whole nation will suffer!”

Serving as President of Taking Out HEROin Addiction is Robert T. Green, a former professional football player and lifelong activist who is the co-founder and President of The Morlon Greenwood Foundation Inc., as well as residing as the CEO of Pre-Postgame Inc., a sports business management and transition consultant firm for professional athletes.

“The Morlon Greenwood Foundation Inc. is humbled, yet determined, with respected youth advocates across the country to protect the most precious resource we have, our children,” Green said. “They are our HERO'es who have to navigate, inspire and thrive in the world we brought them into. Their existence of being born is to lead and create hope and opportunity in the future. The future is now. There is not any Hero in Heroin, so we are here Taking Out HEROin Addiction.”

Taking Out HEROin Addiction officially launches with an educational tour and national campaign that has an emphasis on heroin abuse and addiction. This awareness tour will provide accessibility to information and support systems for individuals who suffer from addiction and substance use, including therapy and educational resources. Taking Out HEROin Addiction stands with them in their battle against addiction and will help them win to become their own personal HERO. This tour and national campaign will also inspire other like-minded professionals, communities and families to rise up and join the fight against this tragic disease.

Find the HERO in you by Taking Out HEROin Addiction.

If you like to be a part of the Taking Out HEROin Addiction movement, contact us today at www.morlongreenwoodinc.com. To contribute directly to the cause, visit the official Taking Out HEROin Addiction GoFundMe page.


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"Believe it and you will achieve it."

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