STICKFIGHTING WORLD will host its first-ever event in the United States on Saturday, Aug. 27th, at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J. Before this historical show takes place, here is a little bit more information about who we are.


STICKFIGHTING WORLD is the world’s first Mixed Weapons Martial Arts Championship (MWMA).

What is Mixed Weapons Martial Arts Championship (MWMA)?

  • MWMA is a full-contact sport with no judges and fought with rattan sticks of four different sizes.
  • Hand and head protection must be worn at all times during MWMA combat, with optional protective gear on the body and feet.
  • Each bout consists of three two-minute rounds with one-minute intermissions between frames.
  • All fights are moderated by a referee who distributes points according to the STICKFIGHTING WORLD Point System, which awards one point for disarming an opponent and two points for a knockdown.
  • All competition will take place from the stand-up position, with strikes being made with the stick or any part of the foot, leg, knee, hand, elbow or arm.
  • Referees maintain the right to stop any match by Technical Knockout if they deem a fighter unable to continue, and all combatants can surrender at any point if they want to admit defeat.

What is The Tank?

All fights are held in STICKFIGHTING WORLD’s revolutionary fight container known as The Tank, a hexagon measuring approximately 22 feet between opposite corners and approximately 12 feet along each exterior side. The Tank has solid walls that are eight-feet high and made of ¾-inch Plexiglass, and it has one door that can only be opened from the outside.

Has STICKFIGHTING WORLD held an event before?

SFW 1: Genesis was the inaugural STICKFIGHTING WORLD card and was held in 2014 in Hamilton, Ontario. After a successful debut, the organization put its focus on branching into the USA and eventually decided upon New Jersey as the location of its American debut.

How can tickets for SFW2: Reborn be purchased?

  • Tickets for SFW 2: Reborn can be purchased through Ticketmaster, both online and by calling them directly at 800-653-8000.
  • Additionally, combat sports fans who are close to Atlantic City can purchase tickets in person at the Boardwalk Hall box office, which is located at 2301 Boardwalk.
  • Tickets are available at five different price points ($25, $50, $75, $100, $152) for this inaugural U.S. event.

Any more information about SFW 2: Reborn?

Doors for SFW 2: Reborn will open on Aug. 27th at 8:00 p.m., with the first fight taking place at 9:00 p.m.

Where can we find more info about STICKFIGHTING WORLD?

For more information on STICKFIGHTING WORLD, make sure to visit the official website of our promotion. You can also check us out on Facebook and Twitter (@SFWUSA).

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