Ivan Calderon Retains WBO Title
by Defeating Jesus Iribe at MSG

Calderon set up his offensive attack with his jab throughout the night.

Calderon Claims Unanimous Decision Victory in 12-Round Defense

New York (Saturday, June 12, 2010) – Despite suffering a second round knockdown at the hands of Jesus Iribe (16-7-5, 10 KOs) tonight at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden, WBO Flyweight Champion Ivan Calderon (34-0-1, 6 KOs) cruised to an unanimous decision victory over his Mexican opposition to retain his world title. Aside from the second frame, Calderon won every round on two of three judges’ scorecards while taking nine of the 12 rounds on the third judge’s sheet.

"I got hit hard and went down in the second round, but I knew good movement would beat him," Calderon said after the fight.

The opening round of the night gave glimpses of the excessive amount of speed that each fighter possessed, but the pace was somewhat slowed due to each boxer feeling one another out a bit. Calderon was a bit more of the aggressor, with Iribe trying to get a good read on the speed of his Puerto Rican counterpart. The following round was the best of the evening for Iribe, and he grabbed a firm grip on the fight’s momentum when he caught Calderon sticking his chin out after throwing a jab. It was then that Iribe caught him with a sharp right hand and dropped the champion to the canvas. The trip to the floor would be short-lived, as Calderon immediately popped back on his feet after the knockdown.

Calderon was clearly unaffected by that second round mishap, and he continued to use his significant speed and tactical skills to reclaim the advantage in the bout. He caused some hesitation from Iribe by often switching his feet and stayed on the move by working his lightning fast jab. The fight may not have shown the high pace that many expected in the middle rounds, but Calderon was clearly reacting to what his opponent gave him. Iribe seemed to throw the more heavy-fisted punches throughout the evening, but Calderon’s defense prevented him from receiving much damage. The champion was able to duck highly thrown crosses, and he did a nice job of sticking and moving when Iribe tried to press forward.

Calderon worked to increase the pace of the fight throughout the evening, while Iribe did the best he could to slow it down so he could use his power more consistently. In the sixth round of this fight, Iribe landed a hard right cross to the body of Calderon, who briefly stumbled but quickly regained his composure. Iribe then stayed on the attack throughout that frame, which was one of the additional rounds he won on John Stewart’s 116-111 score sheet. However, Calderon still seemed unaffected by his attempts, displaying a superior tactical edge and frustrating Iribe with his slick defense.

In the latter rounds of this bout, Calderon truly started to build off the energy of the crowd. He started to dance to the point of showboating a bit, all of which the biased audience seemed to love. Knowing he was behind on the cards, Iribe continued to throw kill shots, but Calderon did well to read his advances and countered with superb defense.

The 12th and final round was easily the most entertaining of the night, with Iribe throwing heavy crosses and Calderon landing some well-plotted combinations. Tons of fists flew in the bout’s final three minutes of action, but there was no question which boxer would emerge victorious once the final bell had rung.

With the win, the 35-year-old Calderon remains undefeated with the only draw on his resume resulting from a shortened fight that went to the cards early.


Super Welterweight: In the first bout on tonight’s card, Passiac (NJ) boxer Glen Tapia dominated North Dakota’s Nick Runningbear (4-3, 1 KOs) to improve his perfect professional record to 7-0 with five knockouts. This bout was stopped in the second round via TKO.

Light Heavyweight: Next up was a fight featuring Wil Rosinsky (11-0, 7 KOs) of Queens and Puerto Rico’s Angel David Gonzalez (6-8-1, 3 KOs). The record of Gonzalez proved to be very deceptive, as the Puerto Rican boxer put up a much better fight than what would be expected from someone whose record shows more losses than wins. Behind some significant power and a great use of combinations, Rosinky impressed through three rounds before his opponent did not come out for the fourth round.

Light Heavyweight: The third feature of the night pitted U.S. Army helicopter pilot Steve Badgley against Yonkers native Carlito Gonzalez (1-2, 1 KOs) in his professional debut. Badgley’s wide punching style made it a short night and possible career for the war veteran, who was knocked down twice in the first round before a TKO victory was awarded to Gonzalez. Badgley may not have fared well in this bout, but he clearly has a much more important battle ahead of him. He is scheduled to deploy for Afghanistan in the next week.

Super Lightweight: The next fight of the card featured the rising star of Puerto Rico tactician Gabriel Bracero (10-0) against Philadelphia native Julius Edmonds (7-7). While he lacks a knockout punch, Bracero is an extremely fast fighter who performs a well-scripted game plan. This bout was the first of the evening to go to the cards, with Bracero winning every round on all three judges’ scorecards.

Flyweight: The final tune-up for the main event squared off Japan’s Takashi Okada (2-0-1, 1 KO) and Puerto Rico’s McWilliams Arroyo (2-1, 2 KOs) in a four round affair. Arroyo seemed to out-class his Japanese opposition, but a second frame slip that was ruled a knockdown proved to be the difference in the bout. Two of the judges’ scorecards turned in a 38-37 tally while the third sheet gave Okada a three-point win. Arroyo dominated the round in which he suffered the questionable knock down, which created a three-point swing on the final scorecards.

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