Douglin Returns to Action on Wednesday

Douglin warms up with his mother/trainer, Saphya (Photo by Augustine Dashiell, Plainfield Sports News).
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Denis Douglin Looks to Remain Perfect at DiBella Entertainment’s Broadway Boxing

Just a week ago, undefeated junior middleweight Denis “Da Momma’s Boy” Douglin (10-0, 6 KOs) was amid preparation for his next bout in Miami, Oklahoma, which is slated for Friday, October 15th. Fast forward a week of having to cut five pounds and temporarily shut down his sparring, and Douglin is now set to return to action after accepting an invitation to fight on Wednesday night at BB Kings, as part of DiBella Entertainment’s Broadway Boxing.

“I got a call last week from my manager, Keith Connolly, which was nothing strange because he calls pretty regularly to see how my training is going,” Douglin told us. “When I said that I was feeling really good, he asked me if I wanted to fight next week. I thought he was joking at first, but I immediately told him ‘Yeah, I want to fight next week!’ Then he said that he had gotten a call from Lou DiBella about fighting at BB Kings, and now here we are about to make it happen.”

On the other side of the ring at BB Kings will be Chicago’s Orphius Waite (5-1-1, 3 KOs), who is someone Douglin has known since both boxers were making noise as amateurs. Taking a fight against a fairly accomplished opponent with only six days to trim down for a weigh-in is a tough strain on the body, but Douglin and his camp jumped on the opportunity without hesitation.

“I was getting ready for my October 15th fight when we found out about this fight last Wednesday, so I knew I had less than a week to make the weight,” Douglin remarked. “We were already on track to make weight at 154 for the 15th. I was walking around at 165, so we took this fight at 160 because we didn’t want to rush too much as far as cutting weight.”

Accepting the bout quickly altered the training regimen of Douglin and his trainer, who just so happens to be his mother, Saphya (hence the name “Momma’s Boy”).

“Taking this fight on short notice definitely changed my preparation because I lost a week of sparring, but we were still more than willing to accept the challenge,” Douglin stated. “I was sparring before we took this fight, so it’s not a big deal, but it does affect the preparation a little bit.”

Having to make a quick change in diet and training is not an easy task, even for a professional boxer, but Douglin does not anticipate that it will carry into the ring on Wednesday night.

“I don’t think that it’s going to affect my performance at all,” he responded to a question about having to cut the weight for this bout. “Five pounds is not a big deal in a week; it’s really just a pound a day. If I had to make 154 in a week, that would have been a little strenuous, but I still don’t think it would’ve affected me too much. Once I weigh in and I’m able to eat, I make sure I do everything the right way in the replenishment stage.”

Douglin is a determined southpaw who stays active in his training, and even an unexpected change in his itinerary is not something that he allows to catch him off-guard.

“As far as getting an opponent at the last minute, it’s just part of the game,” he commented. “That’s why you train as best you can for any opponent, so you’ll be able to take on something like this in stride. You really have to be ready for anything so it won’t be a big deal to make the adjustments. Even for this fight, I was told I was fighting a southpaw, then it was switched back to an orthodox fighter. It’s hard, but that’s why I work hard every day in the gym. I want to be ready for anything.”

While Douglin may have had to switch things up a few times for this bout, fight fans need not worry because they already know exactly what they’re getting anytime he steps between the ropes - and that’s one of the hardest working and most focused boxers in the game. Just sit back and enjoy.

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