Lima Taps Juarez at MFC 27: Breaking Point

These two evenly matched fighters battled in the main event at MFC 27: Breaking Point (Photo courtesy of MFC).

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Douglas Lima Claims MFC Welterweight Championship

Jesse Juarez (15-6) was in a controlling position for the majority of a title fight with Douglas Lima (16-4) on Friday night at MFC 27: Breaking Point in Edmonton, but a savvy submission game by Lima reversed the momentum in the third round. After rolling his opposition into a tight triangle and then slapping on an arm bar, Lima forced Juarez to tap, making him the brand new MFC Welterweight Champion.

“There’s no words that can explain how happy I am right now,” Lima said after the win. “He was strong in the beginning. I had to wait for the right moment. I’ve got to train my wrestling a little more. I couldn’t stop his takedowns, but I got the tap, though. I’m happy.”

Each round in this affair seemingly played out the exact same way until Lima struck in the third frame. After a little bit of a stand-up exchange, Juarez would shoot for the double leg on his opponent, only to see Lima initially avoid the attempt by sprawling. Juarez would stick with the strategy by pushing Lima into a clinch on the ropes, eventually being able to force the action to the floor. From there, Juarez began to toss elbows onto Lima, but the strikes began to slow just a bit as the rounds began to accumulate.

Just before the three-minute mark in the third frame, Lima had begun to aggressively pursue submission attempts from the bottom of a ground battle. He had a couple of near arm triangles, but the sweat on the arm of Juarez made it too slippery to lock in the maneuver. He was then eventually able to maintain a well enforced triangle, and when Juarez did not tap out, Lima additionally slapped on an arm bar and rolled his opposition onto his side to really squeeze on the beautiful counter-move. Unable to react in any way, Juarez was forced to tap.

“He was a little tired. I could tell,” Lima stated. “He wasn’t throwing a lot of punches like he was. Man, when I felt it, I got it. I’m so happy.”

The official time of the submission was at 2:37 of the third round.

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