Delen Parsley Returns to Broadway Boxing

Parsley defeated Eberto Medina last December at Broadway Boxing.

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Undefeated Junior Middleweight Faces David Lopez Tuesday in New York City

Junior middleweight Delen Parsley (4-0, 2 KOs) will look to make it five straight wins on Tuesday night when he takes on David Lopez (3-4-3) at BB Kings, as part of the DiBella Entertainment’s Broadway Boxing series. The action will be the first for the rangy 6-2 counter puncher since he last fought at the Manhattan destination in December, defeating Eberto Medina via unanimous decision.

“I’m feeling really good,” Parsley said. “I’ve had some good training and had a lot of southpaw sparring, you know, because it’s very hard to find a southpaw nowadays. Camp’s been great.”

After spending some time training in South Carolina during this camp, Parsley has now returned to his home region of New York/New Jersey and is ready to fight in front of his friends and family.

“It’s always a good feeling to be home,” he remarked. “You have your family and supporters around you, and you really don’t have to worry about much else. I have a lot of people coming (to this fight), so I’m just looking forward to putting on a show and having everyone around me. Once the fight is over, they’ll all see my hand raised.”

While it is comforting to work in front of your loved ones, Parsley joked about the added pressure that comes with the situation.

“It’s cool and it’s fun, but it’s also nerve racking,” he laughed. “You can’t afford any slip-ups if everybody you know is there.”

Fighting is in the family line for Parsley, whose father is a famed trainer at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn and cousin is junior middleweight prospect Denis “Da Momma’s Boy” Douglin. Parsley often spends time in the gym with his cousin, and he says their friendly rivalry reaps many benefits.

“We’re always competitive,” he confirmed. “We both always want to be the best at this or be the best at that, even when we’re running. Say we’re about to jog. We always end up sprinting and racing because each other because he doesn’t like finishing after me, and I don’t like finishing after him. It’s always a constant competition, but that keeps us both on our toes and keeps us sharp.”

With that type of competitive environment, Parsley feels that he and Douglin both continue to grow as fighters when they work together.

“It keeps me on point,” he says of training with Douglin. “When I have someone like him behind me, someone who constantly puts pressure on me, I won’t slack. You can’t slack when you have someone around you who is always like ‘Alright, you don’t wanna do something, I’m gonna do it. And when we spar, I don’t want to hear that you were tired.’”

With Lopez having just 10 professional bouts on his resume, Parsley admits that it is hard to learn a lot about the man who will counter him on the opposite side of the ring.

“I don’t know much about him,” Parsley stated. “I know he’s a southpaw, and he’s short. I’m definitely going to box him. I’m going to try and box him better than I did the last guy. With him, I heard he likes to wait a lot, so I’m going to have to push the pressure. I’m more of a counter puncher, and knowing he waits will give me confidence. Once that confidence gets going, I feel sorry for him.”

In terms of the result in this bout, Parsley says that all he looks to get is the victory, no matter in what form he has to get it.

“You have to know that knockouts aren’t always going to be there, so I’m going to keep touching with the jab and keep getting the points,” he commented. “I don’t have to knock you out. I can just beat you by unanimous decision and have the same buzz. I’d rather out-skill him than just go in there and try to knock him out. I’ll beat you up all six rounds. That hurts more than just knocking you out.”

Parsley will likely go up in weight to 160 pounds for one of his upcoming fights, but he pays no concern to anything past his current opponent.

“I leave that to my advisors, whoever they want to throw in the ring with me,” he said of future bouts. “I’ll just get in shape and get ready to put hands on him.”

Tickets for Broadway Boxing are still available, and action looks to get started shortly after 7:00 p.m.

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