Stainton Sports Launches with New Concept

Stainton Sports also runs its own indoor facility in Neptune, New Jersey (Photo courtesy of Stainton Sports).
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Sports Service Business Specializes in All Aspects of Athletic Logistics

The sports landscape has a new and unique player on the scene, with New Jersey based company Stainton Sports officially announcing its launch. In addition to being a sports service business that encompasses all aspects of the logistics in athletics, the company has also opened its own indoor training facility that is located in Neptune, New Jersey.

"The foundation of our company comes from a thought process to incorporate a philosophy where we engage and embrace everyone within the athletic community," said Rick Stainton, President & Director of Operations. "The norm for a sports business is generally to focus solely on certain aspects of the industry, such as training or marketing. Our platform is to embrace a group of experts who specialize in particular areas of the industry and offer a full service firm that covers all aspects of athletics for its clients. This is how we developed the idea to create a sports service business that specializes in athletic logistics."

The concept of Stainton Sports was created by Stainton himself, who currently serves as an assistant coach for Sky Blue FC of Women's Professional Soccer (WPS), along with his wife, Amy, a former standout soccer player at Monmouth University and current assistant coach at Georgian Court University.

"Our main focus was to think outside the box in terms of athletics," Stainton stated about the conceptualization of the company. "We could have just stuck with our instruction and training, both of which we are very strong, but we wanted to involve other good people and include other consultation. With this method, we are able to embrace all components within the world of athletics."

While individual athletes are presented significant development opportunities through Stainton Sports, sports teams and organizations are also given the chance for major growth with the company. Two of the main specializations that are offered by Stainton Sports are instruction and training, which is provided for a variety of sports. Education and counseling are also offered as the organization focuses on building the complete student-athlete, with both nutrition and academic improvement being key components of this area. Parents are also involved in this aspect, with Stainton Sports providing information and background on the recruitment and development process. Sports marketing is another major focus of the business, with specialization being given in all areas of that department, ranging from branding and online strategy to media and public relations.

With the concepts of development fully underway, Stainton Sports is also pleased to announce the opening of its own indoor training facility. Located in building three at the industrial park at 1930 Heck Avenue in Neptune, New Jersey, it is 10,000 square feet in size and fully covered with Astroturf flooring. The facility is currently available for hourly rentals and can be booked on the official Stainton Sports website at

"The facility was something we really thought that we must have in order to help us grow as a company. Otherwise, we would have been based remotely," Stainton continued. "People would not have had that sense of 'home' for us. With our own facility, we now have a place to provide all of our services. With our versatile Astroturf flooring and great size, we have the ability to play any type of sport. The space is also adequate enough for us to incorporate strength and conditioning equipment, which we will be doing in the very near future. We will also be doing improvements in terms of adding batting cages, giving us the proper facility for athletes who play baseball and softball."

In addition to athletic expansion, Stainton Sports will also be soon incorporating more of the academic components of its platform to the facility.

"Our future plans involve adding educational kiosks where we will have academic instructors," Stainton concluded. "Our whole goal is to grow the overall athlete. When I say that, I am referring to the student-athlete. We want our student-athletes to get into the college of their choice while remaining disciplined and understanding of the importance of both training and academics."

Many additional announcements are set to come from Stainton Sports as the company continues to develop and expand, and anyone interested in finding out more information about its business plan can visit the company online at or call 732-664-0386.

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